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Schweiss liftstrap doors are taking command of the bifold door business - 5

The Schweiss bifold liftstrap / autlatch door is the best selling bifold door on the market.

You won’t get a smoother, quieter, or faster opening bifold door than one equipped with the exclusive Schweiss patented liftstrap and autolatch system.

Bifold doors have always been an industry standard for any type building. For many years they were only available with a cable-lift design, but Schweiss Doors revolutionized the bifold door industry with the advent of its patented liftstrap and autolatch design. Cable doors are still being made, but liftstrap bifold doors have passed them by tremendously in popularity and sales. There are many reasons for the success of the bifold liftstrap door. An “automatic” bifold door gives you the flexibility to make your door opening a practical width without loss of headroom, making it the perfect door for large industrial and farm equipment, plane and helicopter hangars, commercial, industrial and residential use. Schweiss polyester liftstraps carry a 10-year guarantee. They give you a quieter and smoother running door and increase the opening and closing speed of the door while at the same time giving you a soft start and soft start which adds to the life of your door. Strength and safety are key advantages of a door with liftstraps. The 3” straps are rated at 29,000 lbs. each and are very competitive in cost to standard 1/4” cables. Combined with the weathertight-closing automatic latching system, you have the perfect functioning door. Door owners with liftstraps and autolatches also appreciate the clean look they give to their doors and the satisfaction that they are virtually maintenance free. Schweiss iftstrap bifold doors are simply a better buy.
Industrial Bifold crane door

The bifold liftstrap industrial crane doors, like this one at a large steel industrial building, has been a real time saver for the company and has increased the speed of their operation resulting in added profits.

Bifold liftstrap designer glass school door

This school in California decided on glass bifold liftstrap doors for multi-purpose rooms. The aluminum frame doors are equipped with photo-eye sensors, a door-base safety edge, warning lights and horns. They also ordered them with black straps.

Bifold liftstrap hangar doors

Pilots of all size and types of aircraft love Schweiss bifold liftstrap doors. With a remote control they can be opened and closed fast from the cockpit and the autolach system secures them weathertight. They know that with a liftstrap door their expensive investment will always be safe and sound.

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