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Safety is number one and built into every hydraulic door - 38

Hydraulic doors are labeled inside and out for safety

Schweiss Doors provides safety signage for it hydraulic doors. Each hydraulic door comes with warning signs and warning labels with placement directions, instructions and a safety information and operation manual.

Hydraulic door safety is a big concern for most buyers. Schweiss Doors is well aware of that and has built safety into each and every one of its custom-made doors. We provide a safety information and operation manual with each door, and warning signs and warning labels are required to be placed as indicated on the door. But that’s not all. Hydraulic doors come with one standard backup system in the event of a power failure, two others are also available. The standard feature is an emergency hydraulic coupler fitting that is tractor powered to raise or lower your door. Others are a drill-driven backup using a 7/16 “ hex head which attaches to a socket to raise and lower your hydraulic door at any time or from any position. Also available is a battery-motorized backup. Emergency door lowering is as simple as turning a screw on the hydraulic pump. A flow control valve is provided on each hydraulic pump for smooth, safe descends; it prevents a hydraulic door from rapidly slamming down. A velocity fuse is included on all hydraulic doors for free-fall protection that eliminates the risk of an unplanned closure in the event of a hose or line breaking. Internal cylinder stops also keep your door from overextending. We offer electric photo eye sensors (just like on your garage door). They can be mounted near floor level to prevent or stop the door from closing when an obstruction breaks the detection beam. Doors can also be fitted with a door base safety edge at the bottom to stop the door if it comes in contact with an obstruction. The door then reverses to a fully open position. The door base safety edge extends to the entire width of the door opening. Doors can be fitted with warning lights and a horn to alert persons in the area of the door that is operating. When the door operator activates the door, a warning light rotates and a horn sounds. Entrance lights light up the doorway entrance when activating the door with a remote control system. Hydraulic doors using a remote control system can have a warning system installed to alert people in the immediate area that the door is moving. Warning systems are especially beneficial for hydraulic doors that lift outward in case a person is in a vehicle, equipment or aircraft outside the door. We also encourage hydraulic doors to have a window or windows so the operator can look outside for obstructions before opening the door. A two-button constant contact dead man switch prevents the operator from leaving the control panel while the door is in motion, either up or down. With this type of switch the door will not move in either direction unless the operator is pressing the “Up” or “Down” button. When the operator takes his finger off the button the motor will stop and it will stop the opening or closing of the door in any midpoint position or when the door reaches the full open or closed position. The push button wall control should be mounted out of reach of children. The control station is pre-wired for low voltage. An electrical safety disconnect allows the operator to disable the doors for service, maintenance and emergency backup operations. A soft shift valve provides a soft start and stop. Each hydraulic door is designed to hold the doorframe securely against the building when the door is in the closed position. Hydraulic doors come with heavy duty cylinders and spherical bearings. Our beefed-up hinges are made to keep your door hanging and operating safety. With Schweiss Doors, Safety is #1.
Hydraulic door safety results in happy customers

Schweiss Doors takes the worry out of owning a hydraulic door no matter what size door or what size or type of building it goes on.

Hydraulic doors come from the factory offering many emergency features and backup systems

Schweiss hydraulic doors have emergency backup systems which can be run off of tractor hydraulics, a drill-driven backup, battery backup and a hand crank. Interal cylinder stops keep your hydraulic door from overextending.

Hydraulic door safety systems protect people and equipment

Farmers, pilots, homeowners and others store and drive expensive aircraft and equipment in and out of their buildings. They know they can rely on Schweiss Doors to give them optimum safety and damage prevention measures built into each and every door.

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