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Building costs will be lower with hydraulic doors. - 9

Feed storage bunker building hydraulic door

This livestock farmer needed two extra heavy duty hydraulic doors for his feedlot bunker building. Schweiss Doors built a steel sliding door within a reinforced hydraulic door for him to allow for grain and corn storage to pour out for augering. Each hydraulic door was built to withstand the weight of thousands of pounds of grain trying to push it open.

You’ll never regret that you ordered a Schweiss hydraulic door, in fact you’ll probably give yourself a pat on the back for years to come for making this excellent choice in doors. Schweiss hydraulic doors have been a top choice door for farmers, ranchers, aviation, industry, commercial and even residential uses for such things as garage and patio doors and designer doors for ritzy restaurants and hotels. If you need a big door, the strong hydraulic cylinders and compact pump unit are just what you need for a quiet, smooth operating and fast and easy opening door. You’ll be happy to know that your building costs will be lower with a hydraulic door because of the lower sidewall requirement, less insulation, less sheeting, less maintenance and less labor. Schweiss hydraulic one-piece doors are designed to flush mount or exterior mount on your building and they adapt to any size and any type building without loss of headroom. If you operate big machinery or plan to purchase bigger trucks, aircraft or farm machinery in the future, you’ll appreciate all the headroom you have. When hydraulic doors are open they provide a large canopy that offers more shade. There are no obstructions that protrude back into the building like a roll-up door, and they seal weathertight to save you energy costs.
Big hydraulic door for a big machine shed

Big Schweiss hydraulic doors make it easy to move farm machinery, trucks and other things in and out without having to juggle things around to get at what you want. Strong cylinders lift any type cladding.

Hydraulic door canopy

One additional advantage of having a hydraulic door that lifts out and up is that it provides a shaded canopy. With a hydraulic door you have headroom to spare for even the biggest equipment.

Helicopter hangar designer hydraulic door

The owner of this East Coast carriage house helicopter hangar built it in style and didn’t stop with the two Schweiss hydraulic doors which feature fancy wood interior lining and window trim. The French doors on the outside of the hangar doors match the exterior woodwork.

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