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Automatic Bifold liftstrap doors are the answer! - 34

Lift-Strap Bifold hangar doors for all type aircrafts

It doesn’t matter what type aircraft you own, a helicopter, floatplane, jet, or bush plane, Schweiss Doors can put a bifold door on your new or existing hangar.

Don’t be left behind by ordering someone elses inferior bifold door. You can be assured you’ll be on track with the one and only Schweiss patented and proven liftstrap door that can adapt to any building. Gone are the days of slow speed cable doors that require more maintenance than a liftstrap door. Liftstraps are guaranteed for 10 years, but you’ll find they’ll last a lot longer by far. Liftstrap doors eliminate adjustments and not only are they faster opening doors but they are safer, quieter and have greater lifting power. Schweiss Doors also found a way to use liftstraps on their autolatches. The simple clean design of the bifold door autolatch system pulls your door in weathertight to any size or type of building. The new automatic latch strap system saves you from walking to either end of the doorway to lock your door. Just hit a button and your door is pulled in tight and locked secure against your building. And with the remote opener you don’t even have to get out of your tractor, vehicle or plane to close your bifold door. Bifold doors have more lift points. Each bifold door’s liftpoints use a 29,000 lb. rated liftstrap. Your door lifts upward, not outward, great for climates with a lot of snow. Bifold doors form a canopy when the door is open to provide shade on the outside of your building. If you need all the headroom you can get, bifold is the way to go. There are no obstructions that protrude back into your building like roll up doors do. Bifold doors have been around for years, and nobody makes them better than Schweiss Doors. You can see them everywhere used as agricultural farm machine shed doors, hangar doors, industrial doors, commercial doors, residential doors and as elaborate designer doors.
Bifold farm, ranch and ag doors are great additions to your operation

Schweiss liftstrap agricultural bifold doors are custom made to fit any and all farm and ranch door uses. If you have big farm machinery we can make a big ag door for your machine shed or retrofit a bifold farm door to any existing ag building.

Bifold RV & garage doors

If you need a tall or wide bifold garage door to fit your RV or camper in, Schweiss custom makes them any size to fit all your storage door needs.

Bifold pool and patio doors

Glass bifold designer doors are used a lot as residential and commercial pool and patio doors. They give a nice clean look, provide a canopy door opening and when open let the outside breeze come into your home or business.

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