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Schweiss hydraulic doors are perfect for paintbooths - 43

Hydraulic doors are ideal for paintbooths

Businesses that do autobody, aircraft, implement or other painting jobs require a door that provides an airtight seal. Schweiss hydraulic paintbooth doors are ideal for these operations.

Schweiss Doors gets a number of requests from body shops, implement dealers, airplane restoration shops and other places that need one or more custom-made paintbooth doors or to retrofit a drafty door for their paintbooths. Some of these door orders are for Schweiss bifold liftstrap/autolatch doors, but many prefer to have a one-piece hydraulic door. A Schweiss hydraulic door just can’t be beat. It has less moving parts and the strong cylinder and hinge design is unparalleled in the industry. These paintbooth operators especially like the fact that the new compact Schweiss hydraulic high quality electric pump unit can be placed or mounted outside the paintbooth where the motor and other electrical components are placed away from paint mist. Even with a good ventilation system, a busy paintbooth tends to get dirty. The pump and hydraulic cylinders ensure a very tight seal each and every time the door is closed. One piece hydraulic doors have less moving parts and are fast-cycling low maintenance doors. You can save money on building costs with a hydraulic door and a hydraulic door is ideal if you need all the headroom you can get. Hydraulic paintbooth doors can be manufactured in any shape or size. For a business that paints aircraft, the door will probably be wider, whereas a shop that specialized in painting semi-tractors might opt for a taller hydraulic door. No door is too big or too small for Schweiss Doors. Our intention has always been to provide the most for your dollar with the best design money can buy. Schweiss always gives you more !
Hydraulic door cylinders lift high

For anyone needing maximum headroom, the hydraulic door is a big plus. Strong Schweiss cylinders lift any size door, short, tall, narrow or wide, making them ideal for paintbooth operations.

Hydraulic doors give a weathertight, airtight seal

Hydraulic doors are known for their tight sealing ability. Strong cylinders operated from a powerful hydraulic pump lift the doors fast and close them weathertight. Even “clean rooms” at hospitals and electronic firms use hydraulic doors.

Strong hydraulic door framework in every Schweiss door

Hydraulic doors have fewer moving parts, and the components that are in them are super strong and precisely engineered, making them the best for all applications. Schweiss Doors doesn’t skimp on quality and are custom-made to fit any size opening.

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