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Schweiss has answers to all your hydraulic door questions - 37

Hydraulic doors for ag, marina and storage sheds

Hydraulic doors are a perfect fit for all types of buildings. Farmers, ranchers, marina’s and others have been using one piece hydraulic doors a lot for farm and ranch shops, boat storage, rental units and other uses. The hydraulic door when open gives a nice shaded canopy and most any type of cladding gives them a clean, sleek look.

When it comes to hydraulic doors, Schweiss is the absolute specialist and manufactures the very best hydraulic door in the business. We’ve been doing it for years, there’s no one better. Everyday we get many inquiries about our hydraulic doors and haven’t been stumped on a question yet. Here are just a few questions that are often asked:

Q: What happens if the power is out and I need to open or close my door?
A: We offer three quality emergency back-up systems that allow you to open or close you door if the power is out. Both the hydraulic and bifold literature cover the topic and give examples. Our doors also come with emergency disconnects to ensure that the door will not operate when being manually operated.

Q: Will Schweiss Install my door?
A: Yes, Schweiss will deliver and install your door. If you choose to install the door yourself, Schweiss can send a representative to oversee the install process to ensure a quality installation or you can choose to install the door yourself, many of our customers do. Any questions you may have about your installation can be answered by one of our professionals at the factory.

Q: What are some of the advantages of the one-piece hydraulic door vs. the bifold door?
A: You can mount your hydraulic power unit where ever you would like, less moving parts, maximum clear opening depending on truss location. Hydraulic cylinders automatically lock your door in any position, so if your door is closed, you know its locked. We also offer remote door openers, photo eye sensors, walk doors and much more.

Q: Tell me what options you have for truss support?
A: Schweiss hydraulic doors are manufactured with a truss for support to provide strength and proper windloading. It also eliminates door sagging in the open position. The truss can be placed on the exterior or the interior of the door, it’s the customer’s choice. External trusses or custom designed trusses can be painted to match your building.

Q: What is the largest hydraulic or bifold door that I can get?
A: You name it, we’ll build it. We’ve done hydraulic doors over 100 ft. wide.

Q: Will moisture or water gather on my hydraulic door when it is left open?
A: When open, one-piece hydraulic doors lie a flat 90 degrees. They should have a slight downward slope to direct moisture and water off the door sheeting. This prevents water from seeping under the door sheeting and ruining the interior door insulation. When ordering your door it’s good to request a taller doorframe that allows you to open your door to the full clearance needed and to provide drainage necessary while in the open position. Or you can lower your door slightly.

Q: What kind of preparation does my building need to accept a Schweiss hydraulic or bifold door?
A: When your hydraulic door is opening or is in the wide open position, it exerts forces to the building at the hinge line where the cylinders attach. Schweiss hydraulic doorframe's are pre-hung inside their own heavy tubular steel subframe to give extra building support and can be mounted below, under, outside or above the building header and to the sidewalls making the door easy to install. The building contractor, manufacturer or owner is responsible to ensure that the structural design is capable of handling all imposed loads that the door exerts to your door header, wall and building. It’s really no problem, Schweiss Doors can provide you with easy-to-read spec sheets showing all the forces and building header requirements.

Hydraulic doors on the farm and ranch

You’ll find many different type buildings on farms and ranches. No matter what type or size building you have, a Schweiss hydraulic door can be custom made to fit any size opening.

Hydraulic doors with windows

Round, square, oval, round or any type window configuration can be built into your hydraulic door. We offer single or double insulated windows in many sizes. Hydraulic door specialty windows are catching on fast. Screens and sliders are also available.

Hydraulic door preparation for your building

Schweiss Doors can assist and provide spec sheets to hydraulic door owners, contractors or building suppliers to ensure that the structural design of your building is capable of handling all imposed loads that the hydraulic door exerts to your door header, wall or building.

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