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Schweiss specializes in floatplane hangar, marina and boathouse doors

Floatplane hangar doors, boathouse doors and marina doors are a Schweiss Door specialty

  Wind, waves or weather . . . If you’re living near the water’s edge and going through the hassle of tieing down your floatplane, seaplane or watercraft to a dock or shore in windy waters or rainy, cold weather, Schweiss Doors has the perfect solution for you. Schweiss Doors has built several floatplane hangar […]


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Schweiss introduces new line of hydraulic grain storage doors

Grain storage hydraulic doors work as bunker walls for corn storage with zero leakage.

It stands tall, nearly 40′ to the roof line. It’s big, like 120′ x 200′. Concrete walls standing 16′ tall wrap all four sides of this huge structure. And it holds nearly one million bushels of corn. We’re talking about the huge feed storage structure at Revier Cattle Company, a beef operation with feedlot capacity […]


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