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Hydraulic door bearings and hinges are very important - 24

Hydraulic Doors with heavy-duty hinges

Hydraulic Doors from Schweiss have many evenly spaced heavy-duty hinges to safely distribute the load on your door and building.

Quality Schweiss hydraulic doors have quality throughout, right down to the minute details such as the use of spherical bearings and a heavy-duty beefed-up hinge design. These may be the smaller parts on your hydraulic door, but their importance should not be overlooked when you are in the market for a hydraulic door. Schweiss Doors is the only hydraulic door manufacturer to add the latest innovation of a spherical bearing to its hydraulic doors. The reason for this is very important. Spherical bearings are critical to the safe and smooth operation of a hydraulic door. They are the perfect answer to a stronger and longer lasting door. Because these bearings are strategically located between the teardrop area and cylinder plates at each end of the doors, they prevent the all-important cylinders from bowing, bending or breaking. The proven performance of spherical bearings isn’t something new, they have been used on heavy machinery, engines, driveshafts and other applications throughout the years. But they are new to the door industry, and only Schweiss hydraulic doors have them. Another important component on each Schweiss door leaving the factory is the use of the heavy-duty, beefed-up hinge design. Whether your hydraulic door is a flush mount or exterior mount design, it has to have strong hinges to attach it to your building. Heavy-duty hinges by each upright on your doorframe evenly distributes the load on your door and building truss header. All Schweiss doorframes have top hinges factory pre-located to align with the building truss members. Schweiss extra heavy outside hinges secure your door to the buildings side column. Schweiss Doors is a name you can trust, and it has taken the hydraulic and bifold liftstrap door to a new level.
Hydraulic Doors with spherical bearings

Heavy-duty hinges are placed at the sides of each hydraulic door and evenly placed between each end for maximum support and operation.

Hydraulic door spherical bearings

The Schweiss Hydraulic door uses the innovative Spherical bearing design at each end of the big hydraulic cylinders to add life to your door and cylinders.

Spherical bearings for hydraulic doors

Only Schweiss doors uses spherical bearings between the teardrop area and cylinder plates. These bearings keep cylinders from bending, bowing and breaking.

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