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Bifold liftstrap doors are practical and versatile doors - 35

Powerful Bifold doors for vehicle and RV storage buildings

Schweiss Doors specializes in big custom-made bifold doors for all uses. If you need a tall or wider door to store you vehicles or equipment, Schweiss Doors has the answer. Big bifold doors on big buildings eliminate “hangar rash” and protect and lock in all your valuable vehicles safe and sound.

An “Automatic Bifold” liftstrap door from Schweiss Doors gives you the flexibility to make your door opening a practical width for today’s large equipment, trucks or airplanes without worrying everytime you enter your building with large equipment if you are going to clear the side columns or have adequate headroom. Width is no problem with a bifold door. An older building with too small of a door opening is almost useless and you surely don’t want to damage your expensive plane or farm and ranch tractors and implements coming in and out of your building or hangar. If you’ve outgrown your small equipment or airplane and need the extra room in your machine shed or hangar Schweiss Doors can put your building back to work for you again by going bifold. And another plus is it really sharpens up the appearance of older buildings, unlike hard opening sliding doors that are usually half closed and dangling in the wind and a real bear to open and close in the winter when ice and snow builds up on them. Bifold doors have many multiple uses: aviation hangar doors, fly-in hangar home doors, automotive shop doors, commercial building doors, farm and ranch shop doors, manufacturing plant doors, industrial shop doors, designer doors, and residential garage and patio door applications. The beauty of it all is that a bifold door takes the chore out of opening and closing your doors. Just a push of a button and your bifold door will go up or down. The Schweiss popular patented liftstraps open your door quickly and you may stop your door at any desired height. When the door reaches the top or bottom, it will shut off automatically and seal weathertight. With the Schweiss autolatch system and remote opener you don’t even have to get out of your tractor, vehicle or plane to lock the door. Remember, look for quality, look for price, and you’ll choose Schweiss.
Big Bifold Ag doors with External Truss

No matter what size or shape your farm or ranch building is, a Schweiss liftstrap bifold door will give you the flexibility to make your door opening a practical and useful width.

Bifold doors for hangars across the globe

Schweiss sells more hangar doors than anyone on the planet. Pilots have come to realize the quality and workmanship that goes into every manufactured hangar door. Existing buildings can easily be adapted to accept a bifold door.

Schweiss Liftstrap Bifold doors for commercial buildings

You not only get a good clean look from a Schweiss bifold door, but you get a bifold door that can speed up the operation of your business or factory. Bifold doors are a perfect choice because you lose no headroom and they open fast and close securely. A Schweiss autolatch system gives you a tight seal every time.

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