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Hydraulic Doors for Pole Barns - 45

Hydraulic doors by Schweiss are perfect for sidewalls and endwalls on pole buildings.

Hydraulic pole barn doors can open up your building to make it more functional and make your farm and ranch machinery more accessible. Multiple doors can be mounted side-by-side.

Schweiss one-piece hydraulic doors are featured on every building design imaginable. Post frame buildings, also known as pole buildings, are one of many — new and retrofitted, that have Schweiss Hydraulic one-piece doors on them. Traditionally, a pole barn refers to a structure that uses wooden girts and purlins. They are a great, low-cost solution to many different building needs, and a pole building with a Schweiss door on it, makes it an even better investment. So what makes Schweiss hydraulic pole barn doors better? Schweiss Doors is known for its creative and practical pole barn no loss of headroom door design. Schweiss hydraulic doors are made only with the best materials and components, starting with our sturdy all-steel frames, larger cylinders, heavy duty hinges, spherical bearings and powerful compact pump and hydraulics. Our unparalleled customer service means you can rest assured we will be there every step of the way, from fast, accurate door quotes to design and delivery. We don’t hold back on quality and we back up each and every sale like we have for the past 35 years. We are also continually researching to make sure that we are keeping our cost down. Schweiss custom makes and guarantees that each and every hydraulic door will fit within a gnats whisker of your door opening. Hydraulic doors are quiet, safe, open quickly and don’t sag or bow because they come with strong all-steel frames and external or internal trusses for added strength. They can be tightly insulated to save energy. Good shelter is essential to an agricultural business and that is why a pole building also needs a dependable, virtually maintenance-free Schweiss hydraulic door on it that seals weathertight. Horses, livestock, hay, grain, crops, and farm and ranch equipment all need protection from the elements. Schweiss also builds custom hydraulic post frame doors for machine shops, equestrian horse barns, horse arenas, animal confinement buildings, commercial, industrial, warehouse, hangars, RV Storage, carport buildings, workshop buildings and more. We can design your hydraulic door to fit any roofline from Gable, Gambrel to Single slope and Schweiss Doors is willing and able to take on any challenge and create something spectacular for you. Schweiss Doors will install your door and will provide engineering data, door weights, windload and design specs and step-by-step instructions on how to install your new door yourself or for your building contractor to do it for you. If you have a professionally designed pole building, it should have a professionally designed Schweiss hydraulic door on it. We want you to have the door of your dreams that fits your budget.
Hydraulic doors are easy to install on pole barns

Schweiss Doors can install your one piece hydraulic door on your post frame building or to save you money we can give you or your contractor easy to follow directions on how to do it yourself.

Hydraulic doors give your pole building a clean look

One-piece Schweiss hydraulic doors add to the sleek look of the outside your pole building. Any configuration of windows can be installed to allow natural daylight into the building.

Schweiss hydraulic doors have strong cylinders

Two large hydraulic cylinders at each end of your one-piece door can easily lift it and seal the door weathertight when closed. Schweiss hydraulic doors use spherical bearings to add to the life of your door.

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