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Schweiss Hydraulic Doors always seal weathertight and secure - 33

Powerful hydraulic door cylinders open wide without loss of headroom

Two powerful hydraulic door cylinders will open and secure your hydraulic door tightly each and every time in all types of weather or wind conditions.

You won’t get a better hi-tech locking system on any other hydraulic door on the market than you will with a Schweiss hydraulic one-piece door. Our advanced technology locking system uses extra strong, smooth operating beefed-up cylinders on each end of the doorframe. Two large powerful cylinders with larger rod diameters are teamed up with a new compact hydraulic pump unit to provide a weathertight seal around the entire door opening. Hydraulic door cylinders pull your door in tight and secure against your building providing a positive lock during even the most severe weather or wind conditions. There are no levers to undo, just press the button on your up/down control or remote control and your door will be securely closed. Hydraulic door counterbalance valves are standard equipment on all doors allowing the door to lock in any position when not in operation. Your hydraulic door, complete with beefed-up hinge design and spherical bearings that no other manufacturer offers, will operate evenly in either direction and your hydraulic doors will remain shut and locked in the closed position. Schweiss Doors includes multiple safety components with each hydraulic door we manufacture. Schweiss hydraulic doors are better, stronger and faster doors.
Hydraulic doors lock tight in any position

Strong hydraulic cylinders will lock any size hydraulic door securely open, closed or in any position. Hydraulic doors give your building a clean look and provide a shaded canopy when open.

Powerful Schweiss hydraulic door cylinders with spherical bearings

Schweiss uses larger cylinders on all of its hydraulic doors to give you the best lifting power and a secure locking weathertight seal.

Hydraulic doors to match any type or size building

Schweiss hydraulic doors close tight to your building to give it a nice clean look. They are popular and very efficient for hangars, agricultural, industrial, commercial and residential hydraulic doors.

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