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Hydraulic doors, don’t have to be big - 46

Hydraulic doors for functionality

Hydraulic doors make ideal quiet opening basement access doors. They’re handicap-accessible and can be easily opened with or without a handheld remote opener.

Some people are under the misconception that hydraulic doors with powerful hydraulic cylinders and pumps are only or best used for big doors like farm machinery shed doors, airplane hangar doors, commercial doors and industrial building doors. On the contrary, Schweiss Doors has built numerous small hydraulic operated doors. We’ve done a hydraulic basement door that measures only 4 ft. wide by 6 ft. tall. This is ideal when garage space is limited; such an opening to a basement for instance makes it possible for storing lawnmowers, golf carts, gardening supplies etc. or even as a separate entrance or exit to a different side of your home or building. Functionality is the key: If you need a handicapped accessible door, the hydraulic door is another option whereby your steep front steps may not be. Hydraulic doors can be easily opened with the push of a button on your handheld remote opener. Schweiss hydraulics are extremely quiet, smooth running and virtually maintenance free. Small hydraulic doors clad in glass are popular for residential doors for patios and outdoor pool access. Glass gives the door an appealing high class look which gives you the opportunity to look outdoors at all times of the year, summer, winter and fall, despite what the weather may be. Any other decorative exterior cladding can also be applied to the interior and exterior of any door we make. Schweiss Doors has manufactured countless one piece hydraulic garage doors and other similar size or smaller doors for a myriad of uses. The world famous Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis had Schweiss Doors design and manufacture hydraulic opening glass windows built high above the ground on an observation platform overlooking the Mississippi River. Small hydraulic doors are also popular for use as ticket booth windows and restaurant and outdoor food and beverage kiosks. Big or small, wide or tall: If you are in the market for a small door, or any size door or window wall, look to Schweiss Doors first. We can make it happen for you.
Hydraulic operable window

Hydraulic operated windows can be placed anywhere on your building. They seal weathertight and provide good ventilation.

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