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Swing Out, Go Up, or Just Swing In!

Hydraulic & Bifold door comparisons

  Do you want a door that swings out, swings in or will you be happy with whatever door you get just so it goes up? Schweiss Doors would like to share the differences in each door style. Hydraulic one-piece doors swing outward from your building forming a canopy when wide open. When parking in […]


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New Schweiss liftstrap conversion kit now available for your tired old hangar door

Patented Schweiss liftstraps have revolutionized the bifold door industry. A liftstrap conversion kit is now available from Schweiss Doors to replace your cable door system.

Other than aircraft owners who need bifold or hydraulic doors for their new or existing hangars, the next most frequent request that Schweiss Doors receives is from hangar owners who want to upgrade their doors with a Schweiss Bifold liftstrap retrofit conversion to replace outdated cable-lift systems. A majority of these requests are for doors […]


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Schweiss Door roots began its 35-year run in 1980

Schweiss Doors

It’s been a long and winding road since the inception of Schweiss Doors dating back to 1980. But during that span of 35-plus years many doors “literally” have opened for what was at first a fledgling company. Through hard work and a fervent determination to always produce a better bifold or hydraulic door than anyone […]


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What’s new, and what’s better at Schweiss Doors?

For over 30 years, Schweiss Doors has led the nation in hydraulic and bifold door design and we’re always looking for ways to improve our custom-made doors.

It pays to keep an eye on what’s happening at Schweiss Doors, we’re always working on things we can do to improve our product. For instance, are you aware that our powerful Schweiss hydraulic one-piece doors now come with a new, compact hydraulic pump unit that can be mounted anywhere, top-hung, underhung or mounted on […]


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Aerial spraying operations are on fast track with Schweiss doors

Reloading an Air Tractor with product only takes a few minutes. His hangar has two Schweiss Bifold doors at each end to go in and out of.

Speed is of the essence when it comes to aerial precision crop spraying operations. Not only for the fast helicopters and turbine powered 140 mph planes that zoom over and around the fields dodging buildings and high lines. But just like in NASCAR, when it’s time to refuel and reload the spray tanks, some of […]


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Schweiss Doors has earned its ‘brand name’ recognition one door at a time

Schweiss Lift Strap Bifold Door Just installed

Have you ever noticed how some people refer to a product by brand name even though this may not mean exactly what they are wanting? For instance, wife goes to the store, husband says, “Don’t forget to bring home some Heinz.” Wife knows he wants ketchup, it’s an established name and brand well established over […]


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Schweiss Liftstrap doors have revolutionized the Bifold door industry

Newly installed Schweiss bifold door opening after installation.

Customers are asking for the power operated patented liftstrap Schweiss Bifold Doors and Schweiss will do strap conversions on other brand bifold doors, no matter the make or model. When you order a Schweiss Liftstrap Bifold Door, you will not have to worry about non-operating cables or pulleys. Straps wrap on top of themselves as […]


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Schweiss Bi-Fold Lift Strap / Auto-Latch Doors are cornering the worldwide market

Lift Strap Bifold showing the autolatches system.

The popular Bi-fold door, produced by Schweiss Doors of Fairfax, Minnesota, USA has been on the market for over 35 years. What some people don’t know is that they’ve evolved with the times and many improvements and safety factors have gone into them. The most obvious and ‘market shaking’ improvement was the addition of the […]


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Opus One Winery Installs 16 Schweiss Lift Strap Bifold Doors

Row of Schweiss Lift Strap Bifolds

Mention Napa Valley and immediately visions of beautiful vineyards, exquisite wineries and enticing restaurants leap into your receptive mind.  Yes, Napa Valley is indeed America’s most famous and most prestigious wine producing region. Only about an hour’s drive from either San Francisco or Sacramento, this splendid hunk of America’s geography is surprisingly compact stretching only […]


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First choice for hangar owners and pilots are the Schweiss Hydraulic and Bifold doors

Aviation Hangar Doors in North Carolina

 Pilots and hangar owners around the world have relied on the dependability and quality of Schweiss doors. Already a leader in the bifold door industry for over 35 years,  Schweiss Doors, a Minnesota-based, locally owned company, is also proud of its one-piece “Red Power” hydraulic door and Bifold liftstrap door. Both styles are used extensively […]


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Schweiss Announces New ‘Red Power’ Hydraulic Pump

Schweiss Red Power Pump

Schweiss Doors, a Minnesota based company, providing quality Bifold and Hydraulic One-Piece Doors for aircraft hangars and other installations, announced in April that they have developed a new, more powerful and smoother running hydraulic pump system which goes by the trade name of “Red Power” Mike Schweiss, owner of the company, said since it was […]


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Schweiss April 2012 Newsletter

Newsletter for the Hydraulic Door World.

The April 1012 Schweiss Newsletter Related Links: What to avoid “Red Power” Pump Back to


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‘Country Style’ Helicopter Hangar

Schweiss Hydraulic One-Piece Doors

The Reynolds’ Aerial Service Eye Catching Company Headquarters / Horse Barn / hangar ‘Country Style’ Helicopter Hangar It’s big, 60′ wide and 104′ long. It reaches 46′ tall at the peak. It’s got a big 40′ x 16′ hydraulic door neatly built into the front. Its ‘country red’. Its handsome roof line is punctuated with […]


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Big ‘Red Power’ Door Steals the Show

Schweiss Agricultural Doors

6 April 2012, Schneider Farms New Farm Shop “When I pushed the button and the whole wall opened up, everyone was just amazed.” That’s Dean Schneider, New Ulm, MN crop and livestock farmer talking about a charity event hosted in their new 80′ x 84′ farm shop which features a 40′ x 18′ Schweiss hydraulic […]


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