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Hydraulic door trusses can be internal or external trusses - 39

Hydraulic door external trusses add strength to doors

Hydraulic doors are stron one-piece doors. External or internal trusses make them even stronger and are ideal for high wind conditions and keep doors weathertight.

With Schweiss hydraulic doors you always have a choice. That holds true for trusses on hydraulic doors too. They are available as a standard external truss on the outside of the hydraulic door, or we can offer it as an internal truss on the inside of your hydraulic door. On smaller doors a “no-truss” option is also available. Schweiss hydraulic doors are pre-built with a special standard bottom truss that provides added strength and rigidity, very important in high wind conditions and to keep the doors weathertight under all conditions. The external truss is located on the outside of the one-piece hydraulic door frame three inches off the floor/ground level. We paint the exterior steel truss because it is exposed to weather elements. Schweiss Doors also offers custom-painted or custom designed external trusses to match your building, hangar or building structure; we can custom enclosed and flash the external truss to give it a neat appearance; and we can raise the external truss higher than the standard 3 inches off the floor/ground which helps to keep people, equipment, debris and snow away from the bottom truss. You can eliminate some minor hassles with an internal truss, it gets placed on the inside of the hydraulic doorframe. Advantages to the internal truss is it gives a nice clean look to the exterior of your door, it allows for better drainage to a opened door and will not collect snow when open and when closed, it’s one less thing for your snowplow to run into. It’s located and protected from outside weather elements and does not act as a catch-all for leaves, dirt and grime. When the door is in the open position the internal truss will protrude into your clear opening and you will lose some headroom unless you mount your door higher. The one-piece doorframe in itself will have properly sized members to provide the necessary support for additional strength. On small size hydraulic doors the “No Truss Look” gains valuable headroom and gives you the clean look both outside and inside the doorframe. Simplicity, quality and strength are standard on every “One Piece” hydraulic door from Schweiss. Schweiss is the Number 1 builder of hydraulic doors for all buildings.
Hydraulic door internal trusses add a clean look

Some hydraulic door owners prefer to have an internal truss inside their doors. The internal truss gives the outside of your building or aircraft hangar a nice neat look and won’t collect leaves, debris or snow.

Hydraulic doors for all buildings

Schweiss hydraulic doors have been placed on any size or type building or hangar imaginable. Customers like the two truss designs, strong cylinders, compact, but powerful pump and spherical bearings.

Hydraulic doors with external trusses

Thre truss on this Schweiss Hydraulic door is barely visible and painted to match the exterior of the door, but yet adds much strength to the door. Schweiss also can place your truss higher up on the door if you prefer. Some order it that way to make snow removal close to the door easier and an elevated truss doesn’t catch debris.

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