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Customer Testimonials - What Our Customers Are Saying

"From experience, Schweiss doors are a no-brainer, bulletproof, maintenance free, and that's all due to your engineering and quality components. We didn't look at any other door manufacturers, Schweiss was hands down the way to go; my assistant was always pleased with any interaction with Schweiss company personnel."
John Levitz, Owner, Scottsdale, Arizona

"What I like best about my door is the mechanical operation; it's amazing and very well built. On a scale of 1 to 10, it's an 11. I like to watch it go up and down, it's very impressive and the structural integrity is just overwhelming. It surpassed my expectations - that is one heck of a door. We did not do any searching after we found Schweiss Doors and got the specifications and price on the door.'"
Kirk Simonds, The Woodlands, Texas

"I like the straps on the bifold door and think no door should be put in without straps; I wouldn't sell a door without straps and automatic locks. The people at Schweiss Doors are always very helpful. Getting prices on projects and everything else is very fast. It's a good quality door that Schweiss stands behind."
Doug Haecherl, Becker, Minnesota

"The bifold made the most sense, it was the only way that I could close it up and protect it when I leave and still have an unobstructed view when open. I did consider a hydraulic door, but for what I was trying to do the bifold fit the bill. For safety and security and an unobstructed view it's really a good solution. When the bifold is up it makes a sort of canopy so you can sit outside."
Ron, Rural Wisconsin homeowner

"It was from an aesthetic, design and quality standpoint that we went with Schweiss. From the inside and the outside, when the door is in the up position, the motor is basically tucked into the door giving a minimal view of it; and the white straps and white motor added to the minimal look. With a hydraulic door you would see the hydraulic arms from the outside. You've got the safety and the electronics figured out. I really appreciate all the safety decals and manuals."
William Nemitoff, New Orleans, Louisiana

"I was very impressed with the development, design and smooth, well-engineered operating design of the doors and motors. Our end-user knows that the door is operating well and is secured well with the straps. Schweiss Doors also has the technical expertise that helped make the strap conversion go smoothly. Schweiss has a great track record and we know the quality of their system. Brent and their whole team at Schweiss were great to deal with. Schweiss is our go-to company for strap conversions."
Michael Pecora, Littleton, Colorado

"The people at Schweiss Doors were good to work with and provided good service, I'm happy. They're very responsible about calling back and helping out; I was on the phone for a few hours talking to different divisions on the Schweiss team."
Nir Alon, Los Angeles Construction & Dev

"New Caney High School wanted to have an application where they could open the serving area up during lunchtime and then close it down, but still have a visual connection to the cafeteria dining commons area. Normally what you see in schools are storefront systems like double doors, swing doors, sliders or grills. The school didn't want it to look like a prison, they wanted to open it up. On other applications we have done garage doors that roll up, but we had limitations on height, so Schweiss bifold doors were the best for this because they don't need a lot of overhead clearance."
Parul Vyas, Stantec Architecture, Plano, TX

"I basically asked my Morton company mentors what they would suggest as a door. They gave me a couple of options to look at, which included Schweiss. I shopped around for the customer and looked at them both. The customer mainly based his decision on price; Schweiss was significantly lower. The quality was there, he wasn't sacrificing quality at all."
Bob Washburn, Morton Buildings, Ixonia, WI

"I think the Schweiss doors are cool just because of the design of the steel frame that you put the aluminum glazing system into so it can match the rest of your building - thats a really big selling point for me. It's an interesting door; and when it's open it creates its own canopy. A regular coiling or overhead door is just kind of plain. Your website gave us the better views and more defined specs which led us to gravitating toward using Schweiss because it just fit better. Your marketing sold me on liftstraps, just because it made more sense."
Greg Price, archimania Architects, Memphis, Tennessee

"In a nutshell, what I like best about Schweiss Doors, is that you have it figured out. You know how to build a bifold door; you're not trying to figure it out on the fly. The install went good without any issues and we were pleased with how everything came together. We had clear instructions and the pieces were where they were supposed to be. The shop drawings matched exactly."
Chance Chacon, MHGC Senior Project Mgr.

"The bifold door works great; it's heavy-duty and easy to operate. A small amount of education is required so staff knows not to leave it open during windy days, but the door is exactly what we needed. We had windows installed to let light into the building and to make sure the area outside is free from obstructions. It works great for us."
Justin Dillingham, Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional

"Sitting down today and going through every single detail with David (Schweiss), we found mistakes from the building construction company that are very important. There were problems with the main columns where the bifold door is to be attached at the sides. The way it was, it was too little to support the weight. I am very impressed that Schweiss is making a very good quality product that can be used for different purposes from showrooms to home, shops, stadiums, NASA hangars, Army to stores, the whole spectrum of the market. You have your motors, you have your straps, you have your finished product; you just plug and play."
Jose Villegas and Stevan Qui, CILC Central America Corp., Co

"I have to be honest with you, we got help from above; resources came to us from everywhere; knowledge, equipment, tools, etc. This combined with the effort guys at Schweiss Doors put into this made our day. We were very proud and fortunate of having our company name next to the great Schweiss name. Jeremy, Dave and Paul are outstanding people; not only great human beings but very patient and knowledgeable of the product you sell. I would not have been able to put this together without the support of those three gentlemen."
Chris Villegas Solera, CILC Central America Corp., Co

"The automatic latch system is great. I can sit here in the house with the extra remote and close the door when I want to, and it latches fine. My neighbor has a manual latch and he's quite happy with that. I like the fact that the door blends in so well with everything. The best thing I like is the remote, and the fact you have to hold the button down to go up and down and you don't have to worry about it coming down on something."
Dick Merrill, Chuckey, Tenn. pilot

"I had an old bifold door from another company on my 9,000 sq. ft. building. I knew what I had before and I know that I had to change out the cables maybe a couple of times. I installed the door that was on there 20-plus years ago. It replaced three sliding doors going north and three sliding doors going south. Those sliding doors were marginal at best and depending on the time of the year I sometimes had to use my pickup to open those old doors. It's amazing to think that each strap on my Schweiss bifold door can lift 29,000 pounds."
Frank Setzler, Chandler Aviation, Arizona

"I like the Schweiss doors a lot. They are very unique and user-friendly once installed. Everywhere I've ever installed these doors, they have become the focal part of the entire property; they really do. There were 30 trades on the Yankee Stadium job, and when we had those doors working it basically came to a standstill. There are some particulars of the Schweiss doors that are very favorable to some people."
Anthony Rosalia, AJ Garage Door & Services, NY

"The bifold doors at Yankee Stadium are heavy-duty, very solid and functional. They will be a long-lasting solid piece of equipment that I don't ever see failing. I like how easy they are to use."
Paul Wassenbaugh, Hunter Roberts Construction

"We called around to the big rollup door guys we were used to dealing with to see who does big doors like this - all arrows pointed to Schweiss Doors. I like to watch the door in action. It's interesting to watch a door that big open up; it's pretty cool. The quality is good, I enjoyed working with you guys and would gladly do it again."
Fred Hanhauser, Irvine, California

"The large glass wall door is opened to give us a bigger space if need be. It's a beautiful way to enhance and expand events in our visitor education center and make it more useful. We are very excited to have this new addition to our campus."
Lorri Bernson, Guide Dogs of America

"Schweiss doors are really unique; normally we see traditional rolling overhead doors. They are zero clearance, which I can see would be very practical. The liftstraps are great and the doors are very heavy-duty, work well, are very quiet and open very fast. The art gallery was ecstatic, they love the doors."
Casey Wilcox, Boston, MA

"We worked with other industrial door manufacturers; we found one in the past difficult to work with. We were really pleased when we started working with Schweiss, how their collaborative, can-do experience was for us. We liked the people there, the process and the outcome. We felt confident this would be an easy project for Schweiss. There was no drama, we don't like drama."
Nick Winton, Cambridge, MA

"We are thrilled with the Schweiss bifold doors. The architects really liked that the bifold doors did not impede on any of the interior space and were able to accommodate the large opening that they had designed. The translucent polycarbonate allowed us to completely cover each end of the building with light diffusing panels. During the day the effect is deep penetration of diffuse daylight into the space. In the evening the building glows, distinguishing it from the adjacent industrial metal clad buildings. AW worked closely with their partners at Extech Exterior Technologies and with Schweiss Doors to detail a seamless look with the polycarbonate on both the wall and large door openings."
Michael Taubenberger, Boston, MA

"We did check with other door manufacturers before deciding on Schweiss Doors. It wasn't a long review process. We quickly understood that Schweiss Doors set the benchmark in their industry for hangar door designs, customer service and support. Price wasn't a factor in our decision. We were looking for quality and functionality of the finished product. With the exterior enhancements, including a new roof, cedar siding and a colored concrete apron, we really wanted to replace the old style twin 20' metal garage hangar doors with something that really stood out and complemented our lifestyle."
Jim Weitman, Hillsboro, Oregon

"We've certainly used Schweiss Doors clad with different materials on other projects. The homeowner is happy with the doors, he likes the amount of glass and the fact they are motorized. It's pretty dramatic in that space."
Kathy Chang, New York

"We've installed many doors over the years for Schweiss, including one of the first hydraulic doors; one that was over 100'. Jeremy (at Schweiss Doors) was a huge help in the really early stages. I'm pretty sure we were the first door company to use the new strap latch bifold door design from the factory. We did it all on these doors. We love Schweiss Doors, they run smooth."
Darrell Kennedy, Asheboro, North Carolina

"We are very happy with the Schweiss door. It was the first time I'd installed a horizontal bifold door like that. We had some reservations because we'd never done it before. It was interesting to see the liftstraps for the first time; they seemed very simple. It worked real well and I don't think we got any callbacks from BPA on it. We pretty much followed the instructions and we've looked at a lot of Schweiss doors since then."
Rob Kelleher, Bend, Oregon

"It's a real nice door. I like the fact that people get excited about it once it is opened. People drive over to see it; it's a practicality, but in reality we were looking for the excitement, it gives a little sparkle to a fairly simple building. We're using it like an ornament. You have a good product."
Greg Cook, Chicago, Illinois

"The door matches the rest of the building and has received many compliments. It has been in place for about a year now and it works fine. The benefit of a bifold door is that we are able to achieve a clear opening from column-to-column as well as a large vertical clear opening without making the building taller."
Steve Dixon, Batavia, Illinois

"We searched around and ran across Schweiss. The doors are amazing with fail-safes built into the hydraulics. We cut half the side off the bus and built a structure to support it and rebuilt the back door opening. When I first opened the doors I wasn't quite sure how it was going to go. When it opened up, it was just unbelievable. We were kind of blown away with the size of the doors. The system is awesome. If I ever have any other big projects to do, it will be with no one else but Schweiss. "
Gary Favinger, Whites Creek, Tennessee

"We FINALLY FULFILLED a lifelong dream and built our own airplane hangar and we LOVE IT.....the SCHWEISS HYDRAULIC DOOR is BY FAR the MAIN REASON that our building is SO USEFUL, SECURE, and CONVENIENT...I have been around airplane hangars for my ENTIRE FLYING LIFE and THIS DOOR MAKES THIS HANGAR SUPERIOR in EVERY WAY. IT'S JUST a FACT."
Bruce Beecroft, Sioux Falls, SD

"Dear Dave: I wanted to say thanks for the quick work in helping to get our problem solved with our bifold door. No one likes it when things get mixed up but your cooperation in coming up with a remedy took a lot of the sting out of it. You folks make a fine product that you can be proud of and I am proud to put your door on my building. Your instruction manuals and illustrations are some of the best that I have seen. But I wanted to say a special thanks for sending up Darrel. I apologize for not knowing his last name but a finer workman you could not have chosen. His hard work and attention to detail were a pleasure to watch. He always went the extra distance to get it right and took the time to make good suggestions and implement them. I think that he would have worked all day without a break if I would have let him. You can tell that he has a farm background where people know how to work. He was a gentleman and a pleasure to work with. I'm sure that you folks take good care of such a fine employee. By the way you can tell him that I got my tape measure back."
Bill K., TN

"Hi Mike, You won't remember me from Oshkosh , but I remember you. My bifold hangar door has been operating perfectly now for 22 years. It takes a good Midwesterner to produce an outstanding product, and your company has done it. I don't fly anymore, but I think about it a lot. I built a Kitfox and a Wheeler Express and I'm still alive. My son-in-law is a top sales person with PELLA windows and doors out of Pella, Iowa. I was an installer with Pella for a number of years and saw a possible interaction for both venues. I'm a retired surgeon, and believe in your products, check your old records.You sell a great product, and so does Pella. Sincerely Jim Kolberg, M.D."
Jim Kolberg, MN

"Good morning! I recently asked you for a list of repairmen in Northern Nevada to service my bifold. You recommended D&D Overhead Doors (among others) in Reno. They came down to Carson City and the repairman did a great job addressing the problem and checking out the whole system. He really knows his stuff (I'm 80 and can't remember names!) I believe in recommending people who do good work, which is the reason for this letter. Thought you would like some feedback."
Oscar W. Ford, Carson City, NV

"Thanks again for your prompt reply to my email. Since speaking with you, I've been kicking around your web page, as advertising and marketing is something I've dabbled in for 40 years, writing grocery ads, television ads for US House and Senate candidates, gubernatorial candidates and state fairs. Hence, it is with some experience that I can tell you that YOUR web page may just be the best I've seen in the past ten years. I'm serious. Your page is extremely well done. (Enjoyed the video that shared the 'boat house' on Lake Vermillion, but it shook up my wife a bit. When the guy started his boat, Sheila heard it all the way from the other room and thought I was having trouble with irregularity.) Again, thanks...and congratulations on having such an impressive company."
Bob W., WA

"Long ago, after a decade of fighting with the old doors on my hangar, a pilot pal told me about this little start-up company in Fairfax, Minnesota that made bifold doors. So, I checked it out, and a few months later had a Schweiss door installed. That was too many years ago to remember the exact year, but I do remember two things vividly. How Julie, the gal on the phone, made me feel as if my purchase would be the most important sale Schweiss would make that year. And how I kicked myself for not having installed this door when the hangar was built; I would have been money and headache ahead. A lot of years have flown past since, and Schweiss has made a lot of changes, but one thing has clearly remained constant. These people truly care about every customer, regardless of how small we may be. How can I say that? Last month, March 2013, when a small electrical component finally wore out, the gal on the phone not only remembered that long ago sale of a small door, but the entire Schweiss crew treated me as if I was still the most important customer they would have this year. When it comes to quality, service and downhome honesty, all manufacturing companies, regardless of their product, would be made better if they studied this big door company that still has that 'small shop' caring attitude. "
John C., CA

"Thank you for the quick response. I worked for 3M for 25 years engineering and purchasing equipment and I have never gotten as complete a specification and quote this quickly from anyone. It is everything I need to know. It is truly amazing and probably one of the best reasons to buy from this company, if you can handle the quoting this well you will probably handle the door this well. Thanks again. I need to save up my pennies and am considering a spring installation so I will get back to you early next year. "
Benj Stoick, Mobridge, SD

"Good morning, thanks Mike for returning my call on Saturday night ... you have and will always be rock star status support on your products! This was no exception! I have had nothing but smooth trouble-free operation of your door and the best support when I installed it a few years ago!"
Jim B., MN

" I just wanted to say thank you for the fine quality of our new door, as well as compliment you on your choice of Joel Pingeon Trucking for the delivery. Their driver, Brian was first class in every respect. Despite the fact that he was inconvenienced by the wide load restrictions for the delivery to our site and had to spend the weekend with us at the airport, the entire delivery went well. Thank you for your selection of this trucking company. We have many come and go during the course of construction, however Brian at Joel Pingeon Trucking has been the best by far."
Fred C., ND

"Just a quick note to THANK YOU for providing a flawless product. Your doors installed perfectly, as described and operate awesome from the first time. I'm Happy, Well done. "
Scott Bloomfield, Ontario, Canada

Keith P., NY

" I don't even know the warranty on these Schweiss doors and I'm not concerned. I know that I'm going to be taken care of and that's what counts. Each door is insulated for about an R30 factor. Plus Schweiss designed two windows for each door for added visibility and safety."
Randy Hinton, IA

"We knew about Schweiss, the Schweiss name was nothing new. I'm totally satisfied with the results. We haven't had any issues with the Schweiss door. The big 30' Schweiss hydraulic simply makes it easier to get big equipment, tractors with duals, combines, field cultivators, etc., in and out of the shop."
Gene Seipel, MN

"We checked the Internet for airport hangars and found Schweiss, this Minnesota firm that apparently builds doors to any dimension. Their web site showed all sorts of unique installations. And that's how the idea of a 'window wall' came into being. Using a steel frame for the building turned out to be quite fortuitous, as we were able to weld the door's steel header and side supports to the frame of the house for increased strength. Our dual solar panel energy package charges a bank of batteries for art studio lighting, also including a 12-volt marine-grade battery that powers the hydraulic lift system that opens and closes the 1,700 lb. 'window wall' door. One battery easily handles the door."
Travis Wood, MA

"Delivering my other door up a 4,000 ft. mountain was quite a task but the Schweiss guys got it there. It was through the woods, up the hills, over the bridges, etc., but they got the job done. I've been into building design and architecture all my life. So it didn't take much thinking to go Schweiss for my carriage house too. These two hydraulic helicopter hangar doors are perfect. No loss of headroom. Very well built. Just lots of structural integrity. Schweiss makes a very good product and we've been very happy with their service. The doors were delivered on time as scheduled. It's the only door I would consider."
Sid Morris, NC

"The contractor that sold me the building has people coming here every week it seems to check out the building and especially that big hydraulic door. So it's a real treat for me and my farming partner son, Dana, to show them the works. Schweiss has an incredible web site showing their different doors installed in several locations. You see how things work and how to custom fit their doors to most any building. I liked what I saw so I got on the phone and told them what I wanted. They told me the delivered cost to my farm. It was just about that simple. I can't say enough about it. Any machinery we've got you can just run it in and run it out. That big 40 ft. door really makes our machinery management work that much more convenient.""
John Duhlin, OH

"I was looking for door speed. We're out here in the wide-open Minnesota prairie and this challenging winter was a prime example. When I'm running semi rigs in and out of our heated shop, you want a quick opening/closing door when its 10 degrees below zero with 20-30 mile per hour winds blasting out of the northwest. In the total scheme of operational efficiency this does make your buildings that much more functional."
Terry Albright, MN

"I researched over a year what I wanted to do. I met Dave Schweiss at the Florida 'Fun in the Sun' air show and both Dave and Mike at the big Oshkosh, Wisconsin show. After meeting the guys and looking more closely at their product the choice was obvious. It simply was the best fit, the best design, the best door and in terms of value, the best deal. I was impressed with the engineering design and the workmanship. The 'stoutness' of the door was significant to my engineering eye. I push the button and they see this huge door quietly open. This door is pretty much the showpiece of the building."
Bob D., IN

"The Schweiss website does a nice job without harpooning the competition. Their presentation makes it very clear that there is a difference. Plus it pointed out additional resources to help me figure out those differences on my own. The quality of the product is special. I'm a quality focused buyer so being able to access a top quality product was of high importance. I love the clean, simple operation of the hydraulic door. We had to do some engineering so the door accommodated the hip roof design of my hangar. The whole Schweiss experience was very good. They were very patient with me."
Todd Halver, NC

"It was important that this building had some character and country charm, the extra windows built into the Schweiss door accomplished this. We needed a big door so that we could easily pull our helicopters inside without having to fold and unfold the spray booms each time. We will set our choppers on small trailers for quick access to this new indoor shelter shop. Schweiss quality and engineering design is really good. The hydraulic power units work smooth and quite fast. The remote control for opening and closing is convenient. So far the door is perfect and it gives us exactly the look we want for the total building while still letting us enjoy the benefits of what the door provides for our business."
Paul & Kimberly Reynolds, IL

"We had a great crew on this project and that's what makes these projects so good. Also that big hydraulic door fit perfectly. I'm just very satisfied with the Schweiss Door people. We've installed five Schweiss units and their quality is suburb; so too is their service. Anyone looking for a great hydraulic door should certainly consider the Schweiss brand."
Noah Kauffman, IL

"When I pushed the button and the whole wall opened up, everyone was just amazed. They had never seen a structure where the entire wall opened up. That just blew people away. We knew we could rely on the Schweiss crew for quick service. Our only choice really was, "Do we do Schweiss Bifold or Schweiss Hydraulic? We did check out a hydraulic door firm further west in Minnesota but the Schweiss door just looked better to us. Better design, stronger construction, heavier cylinders and frankly easier people to work with. We chose a hydraulic door because it's a cleaner, less busy look. It really complimented the total interior look of our shop, plus it was easy to insulate. Schweiss Doors told my son exactly what dimensions were needed for the doorframe. When my son fitted the door into the opening it was flawless; just a perfect fit and that's something when you're dealing with a space that big."
Dean Schneider, MN

"These very sturdy hydraulic doors provide containment for the grain without any loss of space in our 120' x 200' feed storage building, plus once we get enough grain out of either end of the structure, we can then drive in with our power scoops to load directly into our feeding wagons. We had a need. Both Mike and Dave Schweiss came out. They quickly saw heavy-duty hydraulic doors would work in this situation. They took measurements, designed both the I-beam frame to support the doors, plus the extra heavy steel and framework for the doors. Each Hydraulic Door was built to withstand the weight of thousands of pounds of grain trying to push it open. I think many country elevators using flat storage could use this idea. No moving bunker walls and easy access once you open the doors. No grain loss, no storage loss. It's perfect."
Tom Revier, MN

"I first ordered a new hydraulic farm door from another company. It was a piece of junk. It was a 70 ft. hydraulic door, very lightly built, it came in two sections that didn't meet together when they put it together. It showed up bent, and when raised it would bend, very poor weld quality, with welds missing in places. It was a piece of crap, I've never seen something so poor, there was no engineering done on it, you could shake it by hand and it would move six inches back and forth in the middle. I called the company and finally got something done. They came out, cut it up in pieces and took it out of there. I was lucky, I didn't put any money down on it. Schweiss was very good to me, this hydraulic door opens fine, no complaints with it. The welds look good, it opens smoothly and it gets used a lot with five semi's that come in and out of there every day. It's got a better quality pump, bigger cylinders, the frame is a whole lot different. I appreciate the good job Schweiss Doors did for us."
Marvin Finfrock, IL

"Farm doors are getting bigger and bigger and these (Schweiss) doors work nicer than sliding doors for the wider openings. Schweiss doors seem to be a very well-built product and they don't cut corners. Some companies will sell you a door without fasteners and that sort of thing. The companies we work with are EPS (Energy Panel Systems of Graettinger, Iowa) and Wick Buildings who apparently communicate well with Schweiss because we get all the trim and the sizes and dimensions making the turnaround great, that's really important."
Kevin Brown, KS

"Schweiss doors are not any trouble at all. They're substantial and solid, the wind doesn't seem to bother them. They are easy to install, especially if you have the right size equipment like a heavy forklift and scissorlifts they are real easy to put in. It's very durable, can be washed easily and keeps the echo down. I really would recommend Schweiss doors to others. They are really a solid door. The doors are built in their own frame and don't affect the structure or integrity of the building. The doors also look nice on the building."
Gene Gallentine, KS

"I've gotten calls from Schweiss Doors, they pay attention to detail. I've made mistakes when it comes to certain windows or measurements, etcetera, which the guys at the Schweiss factory have caught because they know what we are building now. They'll call me and say 'Hey Mike, did you mean to do that, or do you really want to do this?' They have been a true joy to work with.""
Mike Shell, TX

"I can tell you this, I'm the envy of the lake! We put some weight on this boathouse door. It has wood planks on the inside and outside and a steel frame. This was a pretty heavy hydraulic door, about 700 pounds (12.5 x 6.5 ft). It installed real easy. The important thing was Schweiss Doors gave me all the dimensions prior so I had the cutout the exact size. So when we put it in, it fit perfect. It took about four hours to actually hang the door. My neighbor said it's overkill. But it's beautiful."
Jeff Ryan, MN

" I went to Oshkosh specifically with the intent of ordering a hangar door. I even took my blueprints with me. I was expecting to buy a different brand because my neighbor had one. I talked to two other door dealers, then I ran into Mike Schweiss. He took the time to talk in depth. He looked at my blueprints and made some recommendations for structural enhancements that would make the door work better and then we talked money - he was very generous. I love the stucco clad door. It gets pretty warm here in Arizona. I was really intimidated by installing the door myself. I talked to Jeremy (at Schweiss Doors), he convinced me I could do it. So I finally built up my courage, contacted a few friends, rented a forklift and Saturday morning we put it in. It went in exactly the way it was supposed to and fit perfectly. We got it in, with the hydraulics hooked up, within six hours. It was a wonderful experience I chose the hydraulic door because I like how it provides shade from the hot sun if I want to work outside my hangar."
Dave Sirota, AZ

"My Schweiss hydro-powered door is exactly what I wanted. And what's really cool when I'm 500 yards out on the taxi strip I push the remote control button in my airplane. When I get to the hangar, the big door is up in about 40 seconds and I taxi my Meridian right inside. That's really neat, especially if it's raining. I would recommend the Schweiss hydraulic to anyone, absolutely. And great people to deal with. They're courteous; they listen; they get things done."
Patrick Aucoin, TX

"We love the door. It's great and we get a lot of comments. When it's closed, people don't even realize it's a door because aesthetically, it speaks so well to the interior design, It exceeded our expectations. "
Jesse Herman, TX

"Putting glass on the door occurred to me after I got the Schweiss hydraulic garage and patio door. I was going to put wood facia on it. Fortunately, I ordered a heavy-duty frame. Heavy-duty cylinders open the door straight and quickly and it shuts nice and tight. I think it has a great ram physics application. Schweiss Doors is great about putting out a system that is mechanically great, it's not underdesigned like other doors that are too light and flimsy. It's really spectacular to see through that door. It's one of those things that you don't get tired of to look out in the winter or open up in the summer. It turned out great, I love the door. it's great for family gatherings of 20 to 30 people."
Bruce Hamon, CO

"We went with Schweiss Doors again because they are known in the industry for their high quality doors. We definitely had no issues and Schweiss delivered what they said they would. Everything went well despite the installers having a very difficult and muddy site to work at with 70 other contractors to work around. They made it happen. Jeremy (at Schweiss Doors) was very helpful with accurate hydraulic door specs delivered on time and the shop drawings came out telling us everything we needed to know before sending them to our engineers to properly size the supports. "
Eric Bender, MN

"Our first Schweiss doors were a quantum leap. We removed two steps in getting our tanks and trailers out of the building. We chose Schweiss Doors because we have a straddle crane that goes in and out of the building for shipping. There are no other doors that worked for us that were as economical as a Schweiss Door, and I like their performance and craftsmanship. The Schweiss Doors improve our cycle time to meet customer demands. We like them very much and have never had any issues with them."
Steve Thoresen, MN

"This is the second hydraulic helicopter hangar door we have installed for an Air Ambulance, we have previously fitted three hangar doors for police helicopters. This particular door is capable of opening in a matter of 52 seconds, we worked through Marshall Building Contractors and Oxford Architects from Bristol."
David Naylor, England

" There were only a couple of manufacturers that could make a door big enough for us. The Schweiss Door sold us on the 20 ft. span height that we needed for our Otter's tail height. Mike Doble was the primary person on selecting the door for us. We definitely like it. It's rock solid and operates like it's supposed to. This is the second year we've had it and haven't done a thing to it. It's doing exactly what we need it to do."
Keith George, IL

" Schweiss doors are definitely unique. The install at The Nine Fine Irishman Pub and Hotel in Las Vegas went very well from soup to nuts. It was kind of a unique install which was designed to have a single pump open all four doors. Just from a convenience standpoint they were looking to remotely locate the pump, electrical lines and key switches in one adjacent electrical room location. "
Kevin Sweeney, NV

"Those doors are quite impressive. The museum itself was named one of the 10 best new projects in the world by an architectural publication, Azure magazine, for 2013. "
Doug Ireland, LA

" "The doors have lived up to their expectations. I do think they are well made. My experience working with Schweiss Doors was good. It was a tough job for us because of the complexity and uniqueness of the design. Brent (from Schweiss Doors) was always there, willing to pick up the phone, take the call, reply to emails. He definitely is an asset for your company to say the least, He was always very "
Avallon Architectural Specialty, LA

"My sincere thanks to ALL at Schweiss Doors for making it possible to have the new (better) locking system installed on our BiFold door in New Richmond. Also, I would like to mention the professionalism and great job your workers did. I would have these guys represent my company. They can come work on our doors any day (hopefully this won't be necessary-it shouldn't because it is the BEST hangar door on the market). Good luck to ALL in 2014 and have a Great Year."
Gary Svenningsen, MN

"I first met Mike Schweiss in 1979, he helped fix a door at my KMIC hanger. Then when I built at KANE, I called Mike, we got a 60 x 22 door, it worked beautifully. Now I have moved to KAIT, and again I called Mike, He put on a beautiful door. Along the way he also built a bifold door for my farm barn. Look around, but if you check quality, reputation, warranty & safety, you will chose Mike, and be very happy as he builds the VERY best door! "
William A. Schmidt, M.D., MN

"Your company is the best. Great products and Excellent Service. Also by offering both the Hydraulic and the Bi-fold the customer can decide which will meet his needs the best. The question is never which brand the door will be, just which type. Mike Please call me. Also I need a quote on another door. "
Ram Buildings, MN

"Got a Hydraulic door from you in 2009 (Great Door). Would like a price on your Bi-Fold - size is 14' High by 42' Wide. Door is going on a round roof building that is 20' High by 50' Wide, that is measured from out to out. Will need door and frame soon. Thanks again for the great products!"
Howard S., NE

"Hey Mike, I was waiting for a clear sunny day to take some pictures of my new hydraulic door. It's not sunny today but I took some anyway, I am very proud of it and LOVE it to death. Your web site is amazing and I don't think my door is any to unique, after looking at every picture on there. You must be very happy and proud to be involved in something so special. I was particularly intrigued by the China story, exciting stuff. Thanks for the hats and shirts. PS- I'm so happy with your product that I plan on replacing the sliding door on the other end of my building with an all glass door! In a year or so."
Jim S., PA

"The door data was great and I really appreciated the level of effort you put out to make sure everything was handled quickly and correctly. I will definitely recommend you Schweiss guys. Thanks Tom, Director A1 Mortgage"
Tom L., LA

"I have a 45' Schweiss Bi-Fold Door which is about 4 years old. LOVE IT! It has become the standard at our Airport. My door is equipped with the wireless remote, and auto latches. Thanks for the good product!"
Pat B., FL

"My 15 year old building, we replaced our old worn out sliding doors with the Schweiss Hydraulic door. The door's header tube gave our building extra support for the endwall. The door and framework easily lifted into place, it sure beats the old sliding doors. Thanks Guys"
James M., OK

"I just finished installing my new Hydraulic Door from Schweiss and what a great product you have! My hangar was an existing building without much headroom to spare so I needed a door that would not lose any height to my opening. My new hydraulic door also adds a lot of nice shade to the front area of my building when I have it fully opened."
Al. P., NY

"Mike, At Oshkosh you were kind enough to say you would replace my seven-year-old growling door hangar motor and even pay for the shipping. Frankly it's not often that I am surprised but I have to say your offer blew me away. In todays era of ridiculously poor customer service your quick solution (without a moments hesitation on your part) is a testimony to the values your company exhibits. I have always recommended your doors to other airpark residents (based on their great construction) but now am also very pleased to share this customer service element with them too. Thanks again for your superb service and great corporate values! PS - The attached zip file has photos which you asked for for your marketing purposes. "
Dave Jablon, MA

"Here's a picture of the hangar door as installed (with a very uncommon North Carolina snow). Everything went together well and looks great! Thanks to Schweiss Doors."
Ron Natalie, NC

"One of the reasons we chose Schweiss was your reputation in the aircraft world. We certainly found that to be the truth, and appreciate how simple and quick it was to get an issue addressed. Thanks again to Jeremy Rieke and all the others who helped coordinate the many steps in providing our door - we're very pleased with the final result and looking forward to many years of use."
Frank Allen, TX

"Well, Brook, my 40' door is completely installed and functioning smoothly. I opted for the clear fiberglass for the top sheathing and regulation metal on the bottom. As for an evaluation, and you can quote me if you wish, the materials and craftsmanship are superb and there was not one thing we found wanting. Your company offers a truly superb product. I hope you all had a fine Christmas and sincerely wish you folks the best of the New Years!"
Jim Lawliss, NY

"On Wednesday, May 12, arrangements were made through your employee, Kristy, notifying me that your people would be at my hangar in Goshen, Indiana at 11:30 a.m. At 11:30 they pulled into the drive and proceeded to work efficiently and quickly. I want to thank you and your entire organization on their professionalism, and have the highest praise for your company."
Arthur Eby, IN

"We recently purchased a new bifold door for our new hangar. I just want to let you know that we could not be happier with our doors. Everybody we talked to was very helpful and the crew that installed the door were friendly and knew what they were doing. The door works perfectly and when the installation crew left, there was no scrap lying around and all the instruction booklets were there. Thank you very much for a fine job. We would recommend you to anyone."
David Melby, MN

"I would like to thank Schweiss Bifold Doors and your staff for an excellent job on the 60' x 16' hangar doors at the Dodge City Regional Airport. After the bidding process was complete, you initiated communications to work out all the details to ensure the project was a success for both our airport and your company. Prior to the start of the project, Mike Schweiss flew into our airport to double-check all measurements and the site location. This was reassuring that when the product arrived on the semi trailer, everything would be correct. Please thank your field crew for their professional working ethics while on the job site. The crew was very cooperative in working with our FBO so their work schedule would not be disrupted. Again, thank you for an excellent job and an excellent product for the Dodge City Regional Airport."
Mike Klein, KS

"Just a short note to thank you and your team for your great responsiveness in fixing the door at my hangar. I was in a difficult situation and I greatly appreciate your help and attention to detail. Thank you so much. Please feel free to use me as a reference at any time. I would be more than happy to accommodate your excellent company, as your customer service was outstanding!"
Daniel J. Sullivan, MN

" I would like to thank you personally for the generous donation of a hangar door. The squadron will put the proceeds to good use in restoring our C-47 aircraft, the "Bluebonnet Belle." I will continue to put in a positive word for your products with everyone that I can. I am including our airshow posters from the last two years that show you as a major sponsor."
Cliff Walker, TX

"I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you and your organization. The two men, Mike and Ken, that you sent to install our Airport Hangar door in Columbia County were true professionals. Mike and Ken, even though hampered by weather conditions, kept very busy. The door looks great and the County and I are very pleased with the appearance and quality. Once Again, thank you. Here are some pictures for your records. "
Robert V. Pinto Jr., NY

"These two men, Rick Meyers and Gene Black worked in the 10-degree to 20-degree weather to do a fine job. They never complained or even stopped to eat lunch. All they were concerned about was my complete satisfaction. I would and will pass on the word to others on the quality of workmanship I received. Thanks you so much for the good job."
Bob Chervenie, PA

"The door looks and operates great. Please tell your installation crew they did an outstanding job. The day they arrived they worked till dark and were back the next morning at 6 a.m. to finish. Almost every hangar owner on the field was there at one time or another watching the installation. I have a couple of hangar owners that are interested in your doors. If you could please drop us some brochures. If you would like to add us to your list of very satisfied customers in your advertising please feel free to do so. We would be more than happy to show it off. We'll send up some pictures of it as soon as we get them back."
Otto H. Brauer, Holland

"Ladies and Gentlemen, When I lived in the U.S., my airplane hangar door was a Schweiss Bi-Fold Door, and I was extremely satisfied with the quality and operation of it. At this time I reside in Germany and I am in the planning stage of building an aircraft hangar. Of course I would like to have a Schweiss Bi-Fold Door with the lift straps put on it if possible. Would it make sense to ship the door all the way to Germany?? Send shipping means and cost? Looking forward to your response. Best Regards, Gunther. "
Gunther Kalberer, Germany

"One of the best decisions I made was when I purchased and installed a 40' Schweiss Bi-Fold Door to replace the sliding doors on my barn. The directions for installing the doors were excellent. The lift straps and automatic locks work great. Well built and a excellent product. There are great people at Schweiss to deal with. Thanks"
Skip Kemp, NY

" MIKE: I REALLY ENJOYED LARK'S TESTIMONIAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I purchased my Schweiss door Nov. 2005. It came as scheduled and with a tractor it was up in less than a hour. After the inside of the aircraft hanger was sheetrocked the controls were installed by myself with no difficulty. It has the lift straps and works great. The last thing I'll say is what great service I received. I lost the antenna for the radio control and someone stole the manuals from my car. I called and at no charge Schweiss sent a new one. There are not many company's that will back their products like that. Thank you. "
John Riser, OR

"We are about to install nine more Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors in California with the new lift straps and auto latches and I know that it will be as easy as the first one. We have purchased and installed 85 of their doors so far and I would not think of switching door companies. I call them from time to time and I have never had to wait for service, they are always ready to take my call. This is a 10+ company! Thanks Julie, Dave, Mike, Jeremy and the rest of you that make me look so smart to my customers. "
Dan Obradovich, CA

"When planning my hangar I looked at several doors. The people at Schweiss were the easiest to deal with and made my experience a pleasant one from start to finish. My delivery was just as promised and everything fit as though they were onsite to measure and made it right there. The installation was easy with excellent directions. Out of all the hangars errected at our airport about half are Schweiss and several wish theirs were. I am extremely pleased and highly recommend Schweiss Bi-Fold for your hangar."
Cliff Walker, TX

"The Schweiss company installed a 52-foot wide, five-strap bifold aviation door for me in Rush City, Minnesota a couple of years ago. Even though there were some support structure cross-member (joist) issues because of the original design, they were very accomodating with the installation. I have been very pleased with everything they have done so far, including returning once at my request to "double" insulate the bottom part of the door. Dave, Julie, Brook and everyone at the company have been a pleasure to work with. The door works perfectly and the price was right. Tom B."
Tom Briden, MN

"After the purchase of our Schweiss Hydraulic Door, the inside of our building is at least 10 degrees warmer, equating to considerable energy savings. Additionally, the window option is a fantastic light producing enhancement to which all the riders comment. Having been a pilot since 1983 and in and out of a lot of hangars, I was familiar with the quality of your doors. Actually having one installed at my agricultural facility and observing first hand the professional crew, the fit, finish and function has reinforced my opinion that your doors are the "only way to fly" or (ride horseback) as the case may be! Best regards to you and your staff. Thanks again for the great door!"
Kevin Holen, Freedom Stables, MN

"We have just had our second Schweiss Bi-Fold Hangar Door installed within the last two years. This present door is even better and larger than the first. We see a number of different manufactures of hangar doors at our airport and still believe that the strap system with the Schweiss door is by far the best. We feel that one of the most important factors about purchasing a hangar door is having it installed by the manufacturer. Schweiss not only stands behind their door, they also are there for any installation concerns. We will not have any other hangar door other than a Schweiss Bi-Fold."
Gary Svenningsen, WI

"Thank you for selling me on your lift straps. My neighbor is so jealous. They make a huge difference in performance."
Charlie B., MN

"We are enjoying our new lift straps I'm very pleased on how smooth the straps work. Thank you "
John Smith, MI

"I bought two Schweiss Hydraulic Doors I put one up on our hangar in Indiana and one at our hangarhome in Texas. The Texas door is installed on a 2"6" Wood Frame home and the Indiana door is installed on an existing wood pole barn structure. After installing the hydraulic door in Indiana, We were easily able to install the Texas door in 16 man hours (Including Hydraulic plumbing lines). The door in Texas has already been up to the test during the passing of Hurricane Rita. The door weathered the storm with no damage and provided excellent weather seals. We have recommended Schweiss hydraulic doors to others on the airpark. Best Regards, Wendell. "
Wendell D. Rust, IN

John M. Grace, AZ & CO

"I recently had one of your bifold doors installed on my horse barn. The door works perfectly and quickly. Your door doesn't take up any headroom, which is great. Sincerely, B.D., New York. "
B.D. Sarnoff, NY

"I would like to take a moment to let you know how much we appreciate our new bi-fold door. The door installation went as smooth as smooth can get once we had the portal built. The Schweiss representative from Yakima came to Wenatchee to inspect the installation prior to the first operation of the bi-fold door. Everything went perfect with no issues or adjustments. The building was built to hold the roof and siding and strong enough to hold the bi-fold door. The building is used for sandblasting and welding. The door was built for air intake louvers which flow 120,000 cfm. Out back of the building is a bag house filter, a suction fan, and then a HEPA filter. Thank you for a great product. Enclosed are a few pictures of our project. John S., Construction Manager, Public Utility District No.1, Chelan County, Wenatchee, WA "
John Shimek, WA

"Hi, I'm Johnny Smith, with Sport Aviation outside Lucedale, Mississippi. I am so happy that I have a Schweiss Bifold Door Installed on one of my airplane hangars. My door was exposed to straight head-on-winds of 125-mph for several hours and the door did not fail. Your door survived without a scratch. An adjacent wooden hangar of mine was totally destroyed, with parts of that hangar being blown a quarter-mile away. I just want to say that quality, reliability, and durablitiy of your bifold doors proves that a hurricane wind poses no problem to your excellent product." "
Johnny Smith, MS

"Installed 11 (eleven) Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors, and working with Schweiss was a pleasure! Schweiss was the only company out there that could engineer a door 90 feet wide and a 27 foot clear opening. Schweiss employees were a pleasure to work with, very helpful, and always friendly. "
Dirk Vandersterre, NJ

"We recently renovated a 5,000 square-foot aircraft hangar for our own corporate use. We frequently travel with our clients and it was important to build a quality hangar economically. The Schweiss Bifold door has exceeded our expectations. Installation was straightforward with very detailed drawings and instructions. The lift straps are smooth and trouble free. The autolocking system is innovative and provides a tight seal. Factory support has been outstanding. As a general contractor and engineer, I can heartily recommend Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors. It is a pleasure to do business with good people with a good product. Brad Clark, President of Clark Construction, Mississippi "
Brad Clark, MS

"This Door is the best door I've seen and think it is the best value on the market. Thanks for such a good door. Bill H., Greenbrier, AR "
Bill Hooten, AR

"Hi, this is Lark I am the owners dather and I hang around in the office and I think its fun and when I grow up I would like to work in the office some times it gets heteck. we have two cats in the office Mirill, Gurty they keep in eye on every one. Mirill likes Jeff, Gurty likes linda, Rick, dave Jeff Brook, Julie, Jermay, creg, Joe, Keath, and Mike and Dave is my dads brother and Leo is his brother to esepe he quit but he still comes out some times.!!!!! "
Lark Schweiss, MN

"I rave to everyone who watches about our Schweiss bifold door. Although the builder of my hangar wanted to put in a cabled door, I insisted on your door. All of my contacts with your company have been very professional, from your web page to the folks answering the phone, to Dave Schweiss, to the installation team. Keep up the good work! "
Andy Stockhausen, WI

"We purchased your bi-fold door (45 ft by 17 ft) for our sandblast and welding shop. The door was custom built for air intake louvers. We also went with the straps. The Schweiss representative from Yakima came to Wenatchee to inspect the installation prior to its first operation. We did the installation and it went perfect with no issues or adjustments. Thank you, Schweiss, for a great product! John Shimek Construction Manager Chelan County PUD Wenatchee, WA "
John Shimek, WA


"I recently purchased a 44' Schweiss Bi-Fold door with the lift straps and I'm totally impressed with the operation of this system. If you're looking for a bi-fold door, look nowhere else. The people at Schweiss are truly the best in the business. My door with the lift straps works so smooth and the the quality in the construction is excellent. And don't forget to get the remote control option, I wouldn't be without this feature. I am a satisfied customer and would highly recommend a Schweiss Bi-Fold Door to anyone looking for the best bi-fold door on the market. Thanks again to the people at Schweiss. "
Tim Kosobud, WI

"In the past year I have built several hangars. I have tried home-built doors and Stack Doors but was always intimidated by the complexity of your doors. What a mistake! On the last two I built I used your doors with the Lift Strap option. I'll never use anyone else's doors again. Ordering was a breeze. The doors even came early. The communication between you, the trucking company and myself was better than promised. The driver called with an expected arrival time and was right on time. From there, things only got better. The explicit installation manuals are the most complete and accurate set of directions I have ever seen. The doors attached to the free-standing headers exactly as shown; the hardware package was complete; the motor attachment, strap-rigging and adjustment only took a couple of hours; measurements and recommended parts list for the skins was perfect. And, best of all, they work wonderfully! Thanks for a great product. It is so much easier to push the plane in without a bottom track. When the wind blows, the doors don't even move. The care and attention to detail during the manufacturing process is obvious. A special thanks to whomever wrote the installation manuals- great job. "
Bill White, Utah

"The best feature on our shop is our automatic Schweiss Bi-fold door with the new strap system. I highly recommend it to everyone. LaDon Henslin, Bird Island, MN "
LaDon Henslin, MN

"My dad and mom are the owner of Schweiss Bi-fold doors and Dave, Craig , Chad, Dan, Rick and Jerremy work for them. And our doors are built well. We have a pet cat in the office named Gerty, she makes sure everything gets shipped out on time. Oh we forgot about Brook she works here to, she's my sister. Bye now. Lark S. "
Lark Schweiss, MN

"In October 1996 I installed a 50-foot Schweiss Bi-Fold door to my 80 X 80 hangar for my newspaper offices, AgAir Update and Universal Helicopter. About a year later, I added the remote open/close feature. To this day, I have never had an open/close failure and never had any problem of any kind. When I was building my hangar I compared the price of sliding doors with the Bi-Fold door. It was only a few dollars more, of which I have never regretted spent. It is a real luxury to press my remote door opener while I am taxiing up to the hangar, or arriving by truck, especially if it is raining. I can't imagine a better built hangar door. -Bill Lavender/Publisher www.agairupdate.com and www.univhelicopter.com "
Bill Lavender, GA

"I found Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors on the Internet. What a site! The information made choosing a bifold door a fun process, and all the information I needed was right there in front of me. "
Ty W., IL

"When we decided our hangar doors needed replacing, Schweiss's installation crew made our upgrade smooth and easy. The state-of-the-art technology with our hangar doors is truly second to none. "
Gary H., FL

"No airport hangar door should be anything but a Schweiss Bi-Fold Door. Everyone here appreciates the remote control feature! Thanks Schweiss! "
Tom W., CA

"We built a shop in 1988 and decided to put a 24X14 Schweiss bi-fold door in. And in the last 15 years we have not had any major repairs to contend with. In fact we have replaced the lift cables only twice. And after talking to Mike I'm thinking of updating the lift system to the new straps. I can't say enough good things about these doors."
Gator D., MN

"Absolutely the best decision I have ever made. I had been contemplating a different door option, but after talking with my steel building company and your team it was quite obvious that Schweiss was the way to go. It was more economical, easier to install and the features that were available far surpassed any other door I had considered. I love it. Mike, Julie, Dave and Brook keep up the great work. Happy holidays to you and your team. AC "
Alan C., ID

"This was my first bi-fold door and I was a little afraid of installing it myself. Your staff made me feel totally at ease and Dave answered all of my questions. They are really easy to install and the automatic latches are a real timesaver when having to open the door in a hurry. I recommend them to everyone. Thanks Schweiss. "
Don L., MN

"In building my 60'W X 40'D Wautoma, WI summer hangar, the one bright spot was dealing with and then using my Schweiss autolock remote door. I cannot say enough good things - either about Schweiss and their service OR the way the door operates. Being able to remotely command the door open and then taxi right in is an unbelievable experience! Every airplane owner ought to experience THAT. AND ... in physically comparing the Schweiss door to several of the competition ON the Y50 airport, the difference is immediately visible...even if you aren't a 'rocket scientist!' Folks...BUT A SCHWEISS DOOR...you won't be sorry ... PROMISE!! I will buy another...that's for sure. Dave, Mike, Julie ... THANK YOU! "
Larry Stencel, WI

"I can't believe I ever put up with a bifold door without a remote control. Thanks for your suggestion, Schweiss BiFold Doors! We couldn't be happier! "
Harold W., MN

"We appreciate the professional installation crew who recently installed our Schweiss bifold door Your patience with all our questions during the purchase and installation process is much appreciated. Your attention to detail and helpful suggestions provided us with a T-hangar exactly like we wanted. We will definitely recommend Schweiss to other airports looking for hangar solutions."
Michael K., WI

"Our new Schweiss bifold doors have converted our existing building into a modern, usable structure. Not only does our building look great, but it functions 100% better with the help of our bifold door. "
Rick T., Iowa