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Carriage House for Helicopter

Beautiful North Carolina helicopter carriage house has Schweiss hydraulic doors

Two Schweiss hydraulic doors, each 10' wide by 12' vertical provide access to this remarkable structure.
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Round Window Hydraulic Door on Martha's Vineyard

Round window, glass Schweiss Hydraulic door accentuates Martha’s Vineyard artist studio

The aluminum framework of this Schweiss hydraulic 'window wall' measures 25',9" wide by ll', 4 1/8" tall.
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John Deere has a Schweiss Hydraulic Door

John Deere uses big Schweiss hydraulic door to get equipment in and out of shop in a hurry

Gene Seipel of Midwest Machinery in Sauk Rapids, MN built a huge 100' x 200' shop that includes a 30' x 18' Schweiss Hydraulic door covered with a special pressed steel/foam panel that provides a neat appearance and is super energy efficient.
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Bifold door on Hangar in Costa Rica

Costa Rican Ultra-Light sightseeing business loves its Schweiss Liftstrap Bifold Hangar door

Owners of a Costa Rican Ultra-Lite sightseeing business decided that a new 12' x 44' Schweiss door with Lift Straps was the answer for their new hangar in Costa Rica.
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bifold door on snad blasting chamber

Schweiss Doors designs special bifold “roof door” for huge sandblasting chamber

SMS Millcraft in Oil City, PA needed a 20' x 30' retractable roof to place on the top of their huge sandblasting chamber. With limited overhead space and questions about how to make it work, they took the challenge to Schweiss and were "100% pleased" with the result.
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two bifold doors for opffice entryway

San Francisco Architects choose Schweiss Bifold doors for their own office

Sagan Piechota Architecture in California chose to use two 12' x 9' Bifold doors as the entrance / awning for their San Francisco based office building. The doors provide security to the building for after hours of the business day and also add appeal to the buildings entrance during work hours.
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glass bifold doors line exterior of ny restaurant

New York’s ING Cafe brightened up with Schweiss glass designer bifold doors

The ING Direct Cafe in New York wanted a storefront that opened their business up to the public. Schweiss worked with this customer to manufacture two custom-designed glass bifolds to make their ideas a reality.
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New York lake home with 4 bifold garage doors

Four Liftstrap Bifold doors add awesome look to New York lake home garage

This homeowner finished off the modern look of this stunning lake home in Lake George, NY with four strap lift bifold garage doors.
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Hydraulic door on Unique Hangar Home Danville

You’d have to see it to see it. Very unique hangar home has lifting wall porch

Daniel Shaw approached Schweiss with a unique idea for his 3,000 sq. ft. hangar-home. "I wanted a hangar home that didn't look like a hangar," said Shaw. And Schweiss had the answer for him.
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Bifold gates secure Target loading docks

North Carolina Target store installs stylish designer Schweiss Bifold gate

How do you make the loading dock area for your store secure, yet easily accessible and stylish. This Target store in North Carolina found the answer with two 39' x 17' bifold gates for their loading area. Give us your idea and we will get you the door.
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Hinton's Red Power goes for Hydraulic Doors

Case/IH team in Iowa buys 10 hydraulic doors for six store locations

The "Red Power" Case/IH Team led by Randy Hinton has added more power to their six locations with ten 18' x 45' Schweiss Hydraulic Doors.
Stores Located in:
Corwith, Manson, Humboldt, New Hampton, and Mason City, Iowa.
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Texas round roof building with schweiss bifold door

Schweiss Freestanding header adds strength to Quonset hut for bifold door

This quonset owner in Texas needed a creative solution to fit a Schweiss Bifold onto his building. This freestanding header allowed his Quonset to accept the bifold easily, opening the entire endwall of the building enough to fit his airplane through the opening.
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Government building uses Schweiss Bifold Doors

Unique Kalwall® covering provides natural light for 164 government bifold doors

Schweiss designed and built these Bifolds for a government facility in Colorado. What's unique about these doors is the Kalwall® covering used on the doors to provide natural lighting and a continuous row of glass panels for a clear view outside the building.
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Schweiss Bifolds on European Airprt Hangar

European airport looks to Schweiss for four huge liftstrap bifold hangar doors

Four huge Schweiss bifold doors were sold and installed at this European Airport
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Schweiss Hydraulic doors loaded onto semi

A semi-load of Schweiss Hydraulic doors arrive for airport hangar project

Schweiss Hydraulic doors being unloaded and setup for install on a hangar project. These hydraulic doors are now among the most popular doors at airports.
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Hydraulic doors on county building

Sidewall hydraulic doors create open space for county fair facility

This county fair facility takes full advantage of their Schweiss Hydraulic doors by creating a space that totally opens the sidewall of the building allowing easy access to the outside. The hydraulic doors also provide extended shade for hot summer days.
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Hydraulic hangar door

New York highway department installs hydraulic hangar door for its airplane

A 50' x 16' Schweiss Hydraulic door for The Cortland County Highway Dept in N.Y.
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Bult Field installs 140 bifold hangar doors

Illinois airport T-Hangar project utilizes 140 Straplift/Autolatch Bifold doors

This Airport in Illinois had Schweiss Doors install 140 bifold doors on all of their T-Hangars and all with auto latches and lift straps.
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All glass covered bifold hangar door

All-glass Schweiss bifold hangar door gives great view of mountains

This Bifold gives this hangar owner a sturdy, functional door with amazing visibility. The all-glass clad bifold not only gives access to the full clear opening of the building but also opens the whole space up to the landscape making this one great looking hangar.
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Hydraulic door on airpark hangar

Florida airpark hangar home enhanced by sleek look of hydraulic Schweiss door

A large Schweiss hydraulic hangar door was attached to this beautiful hangar home in Florida.
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Blackman Cruz uses a bifold door for a security gate

Hollywood-based business adds storefront bifold door for security and sales

This 32' x 9' Bifold Door provides Hollywood based Blackman Cruz with an attractive storefront and the security of a metal shutter after business hours. When the door is open it opens the showroom up for everyone to see.
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Happy Customer chooses schweiss doors

Happy Schweiss bifold door customer wants another door for same building

"I am very proud of my door and LOVE it to death." "I'd be flattered to have pic's on your website. I'm so happy with your product that I plan on replacing the sliding door on the other end of my building with an all glass door in a year or so!" - Jim Smith
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Lead Lined Radiation shielded Bifold Door

Custom lead-clad bifold door designed for radiation shield x-ray system use

Schweiss Doors Designed a custom, lead-clad 40' x 9' bifold door fitted to operate as a radiation shield for North Star Imaging's new x8000 system. The x-ray system is used to find imperfections in metal components up to 38' long.
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Lead Lined Bifold Door

Palm Springs resort glass liftstrap bifold "window wall" opens up to pool

Glass window walls installed into the recreation center of a Palm Springs resort give open access to the pool and sun.
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Designer Bifold Doors for Luxury Condos in New York

New York high-rise apartment glass bifold doors bring in the summer breeze

Fourteen all-glass Schweiss designer bifold doors were installed in New York high-rise apartments overlooking the Hudson River. Doors allow fresh air in and an open feeling into the living room of each apartment.
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California Visit

California contractors visited Schweiss factory to see Westmont College bifold doors

California contractors visited Schweiss factory to view progress on 10 glass designer bifold doors for Westmont College. Doors will provide an opening for each classroom to allow natural lighting and fresh air into each classroom. Sizes are 8ft and 16ft wide openings.
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Custom Garage Doors

Custom wood clad Schweiss designer doors add a touch of class to home garage

Custom Designer Garage Doors with wood siding has it's own unique pattern & glass windows located in the top portion of garage door to give the home owner natural lighting. Doors are

sheetrocked on the inside of garage leaving a finished room that's eye appealing and functional.
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Schweiss bifold doors for steel buildings

Row of T-Hangar doors are perfect fit for large steel building

Featuring Bifold Doors. We have photos of T-Hangars with a continuous row of doors, the entire building is all doors side by side. Big steel buildings with large tall doors. Many different applications with many different size doors.
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Custom Doors for Fabric Buidlings

Schweiss hydraulic and bifold doors are perfect for fabric hoop buildings

Showing Bifold & Hydraulic Doors on hoop buildings. Schweiss designs free standing headers for the fabric buildings, allowing an easy installation of the doors. Each door is custom built to fit the round roof building without sacrificing any loss of headroom. The Schweiss Design will fit any building.
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