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Schweiss Hydraulic Doors

120ft Schweiss Hydraulic Door 120ft Schweiss Hydraulic Door Pump

Introducing the most powerful one-piece

Hydraulic Door System

On the Market

Best Hydraulic Door on Market Pumps and Cylinders from Schweiss are best on the market

aviation doors

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Schweiss Doors has taken extreme pride in introducing

From the minute you press the control button or your handy remote control, you'll be amazed at how this door functions. It's everything you want it to be and more.

The unit has all the bells and whistles and comes with single or 3-phase electrical components. Easy to read psi pressure gauge, service filter and fluid temp gauges let you know that the door is always working properly and at full capacity. Everything is in one compact hydraulic pump unit powered by 2, 3, 5 or 10 horsepower motors to safely lift even the smallest or heaviest doors and seal them tightly.

Schweiss Safety Advantages allow the door to lock up and down or safely lower or raise your door in case of electrical failure. Each unit comes with a standard tractor hydraulic hookup, lower the door at any time, very handy for agricultural or industrial applications. Specially designed built-in manual override allows the operator to lower the door in case of a power outage. Battery backup features which use a DC battery or drill to operate the door in either direction in case of an emergency, giving you a superior backup system for your door and peace of mind.

A Well Thought-Out Design... RED POWER Pump... "One of Kind"

They're Powerful... We're talking THE most efficient pumps with standard motors designed ready to lift any size door, at any time, all the time!

They're Reliable... Safe, Carefully Designed Hydraulic Pumps that operate at 95% efficiency.
They're Quiet... An amazingly smooth, quietly operating pump system.

Mounting Styles:

Over the years Schweiss factory engineers rolled together customer comments, combined with high-tech design knowledge and experience to come out with perfection! Perfection in a compact pump unit ready to be mounted anywhere you want it.

Wall Mount

Floor Mount

Under the Bench

Back Room

Spherical Bearings

"No one else in the industry offers this unique feature" only available on Schweiss Doors...


Spherical bearings reduce stress and wear on the cylinders, cylinders pins and clevises during operation
"No one else in the industry offers this unique feature" only available on Schweiss Doors...

Hydraulic doors are large in size and just like an airplane wing, the doorframe flexes during operation. The hydraulic cylinders on each side of the doorway are connected to the doorframe and the building using spherical bearings. The spherical bearings accommodate the flexibility of the doorframe while at the same time allowing the cylinders to raise and lower the door without binding on the hydraulic cylinder pins and brackets. Spherical Bearings on both ends of the cylinder allow the cylinders to stay straight through the full range of motion.

Allows for Flexing

Stays Straight

Allows for Flexing

Schweiss Spherical Bearings allows for flexing with door

Strong Words From Our Customer

"Soon as I saw and understood the spherical bearings design it was
a no brainer. I was immediately SOLD on the Schweiss Hydraulic Door!"

Cylinders with spherical Bearings supports door
Strong, Beautiful Function Door with Large Cylinders

Large Cylinders
Open Large Doors

115' Door

Strong, Beautiful, Functional

Double Push Tubes For Added Strength
Self-Supporting subframe on every door
Schweiss Quality

All-Steel Doorframe

Schweiss All-Steel Doorframe

Hydraulic Doorframes

Door's subframe adds extra building support
Schweiss custom designs every door
Double Push Tubes
More Hinges... Strong Design... Better Door

Schweiss Weathertight Doors

Schweiss doors are extremely weathertight and designed so the doorframes overlap by two inches on each side column making it easy to seal on the sides of the doorframe. The two hydraulic cylinders pull and power the doorframe securely and seal against the door columns!

Hydraulic Door Advantages

Faster Opening Speeds
Less Headroom Required
Quiet, Smooth Operation
Easy to Install
Bigger, Better Cylinders
Low Maintenance Components
Less Moving Parts
Schweiss Build Your Own Door Button
Schweiss doorframe is all Steel



A 2x3-14 gauge steel member welded all around is good for about 120 PSF of wind. The steel is shop-welded, meaning no field labor is required. Every member of a Schweiss all-steel door is securely welded in place. Welds are strong and permanent and never need to be adjusted or tightened.

Wood Horizontal Cross Members

As you open the door, it flexes due to the variable wind load and its own weight. Tec screws or bolts in the end of a 2x4 are good for about 40 PSF of wind if the screws or bolts don't split the wood. Tec screws or bolts used to fasten horizontal wood cross members to the doorframe may work loose over time. Wood may shrink over time. The screws or bolts may shift in the the horizontal wooden cross member, eventually working their way loose.

The Schweiss Hydraulic Door Advantages

Greasable hinges on each and every hydraulic door.
Ability to grease the top hinges without removing the top rubber seal.
All steel doorframe members . . . No Wood !
Quiet gear-driven hydraulic pumps and spherical
bearings on each cylinder.
Schweiss Wrap around Hinge Design can be greased from underneath

Strongest Doorframe ON THE MARKET!

Schweiss doorframes are designed with triple push tubes that are tied directly into the wrap-around hinges that connect each vertical push tube directly to the header tube. The advantage of triple push tubes is that forces of hydraulic cylinders are evenly distributed to the doorframe and the wrap-around hinges.

"No one else in the industry
offers these unique features"

This Schweiss hydraulic door was equipped with a hydraulic 2-speed valve for smooth operation that includes a 12 volt backup system in case of a power outage. The door has the newly designed and patented wrap around hinges that can be lubricated from inside the building, making maintenance quick and easy!

Schweiss is the only manufacturer to offer hinges that can be greased from underneath the door without removing the top weather seal.

Only available on Schweiss Doors...
Schweiss Hydraulic Doors with Easy to Install Splice Connections Schweiss Doorframe with Wrap-around Brackets
Hinge door column grease zerks

Grease Zerks
On All Hinges

Hinges can be greased
from underneath the door

Others try to get by
using bushings and
welding the hinge pins
in place . . . Not the Schweiss way!

Schweiss Hinge Design...

"Our New Wrap-Around Hinge Design Sets The New Standard For Hydraulic Doors"

Schweiss WrapAround Hinges

Schweiss Design

  Grease Points
  Removable Hinge Pins
  Superior Design Hinge
  Super Strong

Schweiss hydraulic hinges Provide Extra Support

"There have been hydraulic doors with hinge welds that failed, literally tearing off the doorframe and destroying the door," Schweiss says. "Our design team provided a durable wrap-around hinge with grease zerks that are accessible without removing the top rubber seal."

Schweiss hydraulic cylinders exerts a direct force on the doorframe and hinges as the door opens and closes. It's important to have robust hinges to withstand all the forces as the door opens and closes... The hinges on the door are as important as the door frame itself.

Unique Schweiss Robust Hinge Design

Hinge Surface Area

It's all about surface area. The more surface area you have in the hinge design, the lower the stresses will be in all the components. The Schweiss hinge design has 22" of surface area that will give you years of service no matter what size door.

Smart Design

The Schweiss robust hinges are designed to withstand the door weights and hydraulic forces of the cylinders as the door opens. Your door is only as good as its hinges! Take one look at the Schweiss hinges and you will clearly see the workmanship, strength and functionality of each hinge. The Schweiss hinges are big... strong... heavy-duty.

What Customers are Saying...

 "The Hinges sold me."
 "The Schweiss team hit a home run by putting grease zerks in their hinges"
 "Now that's a serious hinge, you guys have it figured out!"
 "Oh my, nothing comes close to your hinges. Professionally done!"
 "Nothing on the market that even comes close to the Schweiss hinge design."

"Our new wrap-around hinge design sets the new standard for hydraulic doors.

 Removeable Hinge Pins
 Greasable Hinge Pins
 More Hinge Points
 More Surface Area = Longer Hinge Life
 Strongest Hinges on the Market

Nothing like it on the Market

Nothing is like wraparound hinge design

The door weight and hydraulic forces pull down on hinge when door is opening

 Welded Hinge wraps around the header tube
 Doesn't disturb the structure of the original tube
 Schweiss doesn't cut into the header tube

SCHWEISS HINGES are One of a kind

Schweiss superior hinge design reduces the stress in all components of the hinge and spreads the forces over the door
Schweiss Hydraulic Doors


 Greasable hinges on each and every hydraulic door
 Ability to grease the top hinges without removing the top rubber seal
Schweiss Hydraulic Door with larger Cylinders

While other doors may
appear to be the same on
    the surface, there is really . . .

no comparison !

The Schweiss Hinge Design

The Schweiss hinge design is superior. The Schweiss design, with the extra long pin, not only reduces the stresses in all the components of the hinge, but also spreads the forces evenly across the doorframe. The Schweiss design is robust!

Schweiss Quality Doors with Robust Hinge


Schweiss doorframes are designed with double push tubes that are tied directly into the wrap-around hinges that connect both vertical push tubes directly to the header tube. The advantage of double push tubes is that forces of hydraulic cylinders are evenly distributed to the doorframe and the wrap-around hinges. "There have been hydraulic doors with hinge welds that failed, literally tearing off the doorframe and destroying the door," Schweiss says. "Our design team provided a durable wrap-around hinge with grease points that are accessible without removing the top rubber seal."

The hinge is the door... so it had better be STRONG!

The unique hinge design incorporates heavy hinge plates that wrap around each vertical push tube for added rigidity. Without this wrap-around design, the doorframe members can be overstressed and begin to tear apart from door weight and hydraulic forces over time. This won't happen with a Schweiss Door!

The advantage of heavy-duty hinges on a moving doorframe is that they distribute the weight of the doorframe evenly across the subframe header to give the door stability in all positions.

Hydraulic doors operate with one set of top hinges. These hinges need to be strong enough to support the door weight and the hydraulic cylinder forces when opening; unlike a bifold door that shares the load between the top hinges and the center hinges.

If there is a failure of a hydraulic component
the door needs to stop immediately!

Failed door not from Schweiss, almost hits airplane


When others are using restrictors or orifices to mitigate a hydraulic failure...

•  They may be setting you up for slow motion disaster, Your worst nightmare!

•  There's nothing safe about a door slowly, gently coming down on top of a plane or vehicle at a
"controlled rate of speed."

When phrases like these are being used to explaining what happens in event of a
hydraulic failure using restrictors/orifices

•  "Gently coming all the way down..."

•  "Coasting down..."

•  "Controlled rate of decent..."

•  "Preveting the door from slamming down..."

When manufactures use Restrictors or Orifices on their cylinders...

•  Inadequate safety built in

•  Door will come all the way down if theres a failure, no matter what.

•  No way of stopping the door from coming all the way down

•  Slow motion disaster . . . Your worst nightmare!


"How safe can it be when the door doesn't stop in the event of a hydraulic failure? "


Find out what your getting when
you order your hydraulic door...

Velocity Fuses / Counter Balances are better, safer feature from Schweiss Doors.

Restrictors / Orifices

The door will not stop if a hydraulic component fails.

The door is coming down on whatever is underneath it.

Slowing the door as it comes down isn't good enough.

Velocity Fuses / Counter Balance

Stops the door immediately! Standard from Schweiss.

velocity fuse and counter balances are a better safety feature

Stopping the door completely in the event of a hydraulic component failure can be accomplished with a velocity fuse or a counter balance. THE SCHWEISS WAY
Restrictors or orifices...
Have been used by some manufacturers as a safety feature.
Schweiss Tri-Pod Legs with lower building costs

Lower Building Costs

With Schweiss Superstructure

Schweiss Doors The Leader in Hydraulic Door Design

Building costs are significantly reduced with our Tri-pod leg design self-supported hydraulic doorframe.
Schweiss is the leader in manufacturing hangar doors for general aviation and commercial jet hangars. Our self-supported hydraulic door is designed with a purpose and a clear objective. The self-supported design will benefit everybody from architects, engineers to building manufacturers, and more importantly will save money for the end-users of the doors.

Installing Hydraulic Doors From Schweiss
Schweiss Commercial Hydraulic Doors

Commercial Doors

Schweiss Aviation Hydraulic Doors

Aviation Doors

Schweiss Industrial Hydraulic Doors

Industrial Doors

Schweiss Ag Hydraulic Doors

Agricultural Doors

Schweiss Quality Hydraulic Doors!
More clearance With a Hydraulic Door . . . Lose no headroom!
Robust Door Hinges... with grease zerks
Every doorframe has a self-supporting subframe
Double push tubes for added strength
Fast and easy to install
Schweiss Quality
Schweiss Hydraulic Doors . . . Expect More!

. . . Expect More!

120ft Schweiss Hydraulic Door fitted on hangar with smaller plane inside 120ft Schweiss Hydraulic Door fitted on hangar with medium sized plane inside Event held in hangar fitted with 120ft Schweiss Hydraulic Door Exterior view of hangar fitted with 120ft Schweiss Hydraulic Door Schweiss Large Hydraulic Doors on jet hangar Large Schweiss Hydraulic Door on corporate jet box hangar Schweiss Large Hydraulic Doors at airplane hangar Schweiss Large Hydraulic Doors Schweiss Large Window Wall brings in sea breeze Schweiss Large Hydraulic Doors open up to prep airplane Schweiss Large Hydraulic Doors protect airplanes Schweiss Large Hydraulic Doors at regional airport Schweiss Large Hydraulic Doors for ag spraying operation Schweiss Large Hydraulic Doors on Silicon Valley Home Schweiss Large Hydraulic Doors look very clean Schweiss Large Hydraulic Doors easily open for tractors and trucks Schweiss Large Hydraulic Doors shines for military events Schweiss Large Hydraulic Doors ready to open for aircraft Schweiss Large Hydraulic Doors tall enough for RV garage