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Schweiss Doors has earned its ‘brand name’ recognition one door at a time

Schweiss Sweet Looking Under Armour Door

Hydraulic Designer door Located on the Under Armour Complex in Baltimore, Maryland by Schweiss Doors

Have you ever noticed how some people refer to a product by brand name even though this may not mean exactly what they are wanting? For instance, wife goes to the store, husband says, “Don’t forget to bring home some Heinz.” Wife knows he wants ketchup, it’s an established name and brand well established over many years or decades of reliable production.

Brand name recognition is everything, it isn’t something that comes overnight. It has to be earned. Schweiss Doors, the #1 World door manufacturer knows, they’ve been down that long path. It’s a big industry, yet a small world. Words, actions, reputation travel the world. The “Web” tells it all.

Schweiss Doors, a Minnesota-based manufacturer of hydraulic and bifold doors, has been doing business worldwide for over 35 years and has become an established brand name in the door industry. It’s been the “name brand” choice for pilots, farmers, builders, architects, engineers, and for commercial, industrial, residential and designer door uses. Schweiss Doors has positioned key players and door dealers throughout the world and has control over manufacturing, engineering and sales support like no other. Dealers in U.S. and abroad are signing up aggressively to be connected exclusively with the Schweiss Door brand name.

A recent business page newspaper story mentioned how “imitators” and substitutes are taking up shelf space that Hostess products like “Twinkies” used to occupy. Rest assured, nobody will be taking up shelf space that Schweiss Doors “used” to occupy. We are in business for the long haul. Schweiss Doors is proud of its established past, but we will continue looking out of a big windshield, the rear view mirror is too small!

Others have tried to get their own shelf space in the hydraulic and bifold door markets and many have failed. Some have tried more than once, only to change their tainted unreputable names to appear like a new company on the rise, but are still producing the same inferior doors. Are you aware that some manufacturers outsource their doors to places like Mexico, they don’t even have a factory. They talk about offices or factories on the West Coast or abroad, when in actuality what they have is a post office box factory. You won’t be able to talk to the owner in these places. Anybody can put frosting on a cake, but just because it looks good doesn’t mean it’s gonna taste good.

Schweiss Lift Strap Bifold Door Just installed

Schweiss Doors Europe door installation in Compiegne, France with the new bifold door lift straps.

Wannabe’s come and go. Many don’t have their customers best interest in mind. They take a down payment without delivering the goods. They go out of business and leave their customers trust in the gutter. They put a lot of fluff and flattery into their products, but leave out the facts.

Schweiss Doors is proud to share the “nuts and bolts” of what goes into their doors. Our website spells it out specifically so you know what you are getting and how it will benefit you. We tell you about our strong Schweiss Hydraulic Door cylinders, new and improved Red Power pumps and use of spherical bearings. Our bifold door beefed up hinges, our patented and guaranteed lift straps and autolatches, our safety innovations, backup systems, reinforced framework and upgrades.

All we ask is, do your homework before you buy. Read past the fluff and flattery, ask for the facts and verification of lofty claims. Cars are not all the same, they may get you from point A to point B for a while. But will they get you there for the long haul? That’s what you want in a door, and that’s what Schweiss Doors delivers. After 35 years, our doors are still working like the day they were put in.

Unlike Hostess, and other door manufacturers, Schweiss Doors is here to stay. And like the Eveready Energizer bunny, Schweiss will keep on ticking long after the others take a licking’. Schweiss marches to the beat of its own drum and rolls right over the wannabe villains out there who make lofty claims but in reality are out there just to take your money.

In more simple terms, “No one has ever made an Oreo that tastes exactly like an Oreo. No one else has made a hydraulic or bifold door that works as good or efficiently as a Schweiss Door.

Ask for Schweiss doors by name, as many people do. You’ll find that the guaranteed time-tested quality in all Schweiss doors speaks for itself. They are a household name and in a class of their own.

“Look for Quality, Look for Price, You’ll Buy Schweiss!”

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