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North American hydraulic and bifold doors

For Plane Lovers . . . (Part 1 of a 14 part series)

Museum Aviation Hangar Doors

Schweiss Doors Help Dreams Come True “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” Those were the words of former U.S. Army officer, statesman and Secretary of State, Colin Powell, but they can be applied to so many people who have displayed sweat, determination and hard work to make their […]


Swing Out, Go Up, or Just Swing In!

Hydraulic & Bifold door comparisons

  Do you want a door that swings out, swings in or will you be happy with whatever door you get just so it goes up? Schweiss Doors would like to share the differences in each door style. Hydraulic one-piece doors swing outward from your building forming a canopy when wide open. When parking in […]


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Schweiss is a leading North American door manufacturer

Costa Rica bifold door

When you mention “North America” many people are under the presumption that includes only the northern tier states of the United States. The actual definition of North America is the continent comprising the northern half of the American landmass, connected to South America by the Isthmus of Panama. It contains Canada, the U.S., Mexico, the […]


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