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Schweiss Liftstrap doors have revolutionized the Bifold door industry

Newly installed Schweiss bifold door opening after installation.Customers are asking for the power operated patented liftstrap Schweiss Bifold Doors and Schweiss will do strap conversions on other brand bifold doors, no matter the make or model.

When you order a Schweiss Liftstrap Bifold Door, you will not have to worry about non-operating cables or pulleys. Straps wrap on top of themselves as the door opens, greatly increasing the speed. A power-operated liftstrap bifold door takes the worry out of doing any adjustments, straps won’t overwrap or fray like cables. Bifold doors are safer, longer-lasting, give you more lift points than you get with a cable lift system. Multiple lifting points result in less stress to a building by distributing the door weight on the building structure and they give you the lifting power you need and expect. Gone are the days of slow speed cable doors.

Bifold power operated doors are built in two sections, a top half and a bottom half, that provide many design advantages. A two-section door hangs out half the distance of other doors. When a bifold door opens, the doorframe folds into a “V” or wedge acting as a huge truss supporting each of the two-piece bifold door sections. The larger the wedge, the less stress it exerts onto the buildings structure.

The strong Schweiss liftstraps are rated for 29,000 lb. tensile strength on each strap, compared to 7,000 lbs. per cable, a very important safety feature for large door lifting capabilities. Bifold lifstraps carry a 10-year warranty and outlast any cable door on the market. Bifold doors give you a clean look with internal trusses and provide a soft opening feature while still retaining a fast power operating door speed, all of which adds to the longevity of your door for life.

Farmers, pilots and others with large machinery appreciate the loss of no headroom because these doors attach above the clear opening, not under the header.

Bifold doors are great in cold weather climates because they lift upward, not outward, so doors never freeze down. By lifting directly upward instead of outward the power operated bifold door opens easily even when there is a heavy accumulation of snow or ice buildup. Doors in the open position provide a canopy and shade on the outside of the building. They have a slight slope to allow water to run off and this keeps snow from accumulating as well.

Parking in front of a bifold door is not an issue because the doors lift upward. With the Schweiss Autolatch system there are no levers to undo. This saves you from walking to either end of the doorway. With the autolatch system bifold doors provide a positive lock during severe weather conditions and shut and seal tightly with a weathertight seal around the entire door opening. Remote openers are available so you can open or close your door from the cab of your vehicle.

All Schweiss Doors are custom-made — no size is too big or too small. If you are looking for a time-tested quality door, look to a Schweiss hydraulic or bifold door. If you have a dream about a special building, run it by the Schweiss team. They do great stuff with doors and are easy to work with.

“Look for Quality, Look for Price, You’ll Buy Schweiss!”

For more information visit their website at: Schweiss Doors at or call 1-800-746-8273.

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