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Schweiss specializes in floatplane hangar, marina and boathouse doors

Schweiss specializes in hydraulic and bifold floatplane, seaplane, boathouse and marina doors.

Instead of building a separate boathouse or having a boatlift on your lake to take in and out each season, consider making your floatplane hangar a little wider to bring your watercraft in from the water and have a place to store it during the winter months.


Wind, waves or weather . . . If you’re living near the water’s edge and going through the hassle of tieing down your floatplane, seaplane or watercraft to a dock or shore in windy waters or rainy, cold weather, Schweiss Doors has the perfect solution for you. Schweiss Doors has built several floatplane hangar doors, boathouse and marina doors that have made pilots and boat owners across the United States and abroad the envy of the lake. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a one-piece hydraulic door or a bifold liftstrap door, they both work very fine. And you’ll wonder why you waited so long to take advantage of this luxury, or should we say necessity. If your hangar is at the water’s edge, these Schweiss doors can be installed year round. Installing a boathouse door is obviously a little more complicated than doing one on dry land, but Schweiss Doors personnel have the experience and know-how to have it done or guide you on the installation process whether it be in the summer or winter. If you have a new or existing boathouse or hangar, Schweiss Doors can also give you all the dimensions prior to installing a Schweiss door so that the opening can be made to the exact size and specifications so the door can be put on in a matter of a few hours or more. Schweiss hydraulic and bifold liftstrap/autolatch custom made doors are also made to accept a number of different exterior claddings from lightweight aluminum siding to heavy wood planking. Our heavy-duty hydraulic pumps and cylinders with top quality top or bottom mount motors and bifold door liftstraps and autolatches can easily lift and tightly secure any size door you might need. You’ll more than likely want to include a remote door opener to make dry docking your air or watercraft even easier. Makes sense doesn’t it, you’ve got a automatic door opener on your garage, airport hangar or shed, why not have one on your boathouse and floatplane hangar? Most floatplane and seaplane pilots build a rail system into their hangar to pull their planes in and another option is to build your hangar large enough to park your boat right next to your plane. Marinas throughout the U.S.A. and abroad have also found that Schweiss doors are ideal for their off-season storage facilities and the doors can be windrated to withstand hurricane-force winds.

Hydraulic or bifold remote opening boathouse doors make docking your watercraft easy in all types of weather

You’ll be the envy of the lake with a remote opening Schweiss hydraulic or bifold door on your boathouse or marina building. Doors with heavy cladding open easy.

Strong Schweiss cylinders on a boathouse door lift it quickly and quietly.

Having a remote opening boathouse door gives you more time for fun. This boathouse hydraulic one-piece Schweiss door has strong cylinders to open it quickly.

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