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For Plane Lovers . . . (Part 9 of a 14 part series)

Texas Hangar Home Bifold Door

Schweiss Doors Help Dreams Come True

This Texas hangar homeowner took the extra step to fulfill what many had dreamed of for years. He is just one of a few of Schweiss bifold and hydraulic door customers, and Schweiss Doors had a part in making his dream come true.

“The door system, from placing the order to final installation was a dream come true. Everyone on the street complimented me on the final result. I recommend no other door than a Schweiss because I had such a good outcome. I don’t care to badmouth any other door manufacturers, but why become a test pilot. I can’t imagine a better experience, so why even look elsewhere?” said Hower

The Horseshoe Bay Airport in Texas is owned and operated by Horseshoe Bay Resort, Inc., it is one of the largest private airports in the United States. Its 6,000–foot lighted airstrip can accommodate private aircraft and corporate jets up to a DC– Located right on the runway of Horseshoe Bay Airport is Jim Hower who has his hangar home there. There’s one street in Horseshoe Bay city that has been dedicated to airport homes. The hangar exits onto the street, not onto the runway. Hower lives on a street that has joint use for cars and airplanes going down to one dedicated taxiway onto to the airport.

HorseShoe Bay Schweiss Hangar Doors

Hower ordered a 45 ft. 11 inch x 14 ft. 11 inch Schweiss bifold liftstrap hangar door that gives him a 12 ft. 5 inch clear opening height for his Cessna 195. He learned about Schweiss bifold and hydraulic doors through various publications, but while at the Oshkosh Air Show he overheard another person comment on how he liked his Schweiss bifold liftstrap door.

Hower complimented the Schweiss Doors driver who delivered the door. He gave him a phone call in the morning prior to the delivery that allowed him to direct them to the hangar and also said the door arrived on time and in good condition.

“The strap system is simply the only way to go and the best system by far,” said Hower, a retired dentist. “I heard a man at Oshkosh tell your agent that he loved his liftstrap door. That influenced my decision. I like how the door opens a lot faster than a cable door,” adding that he went with a bifold door because of the very windy conditions at Horseshoe Bay. Since the builder built an accurately measured and square structure, and since Schweiss Doors built a precision and accurately measured door, the frame fit in place with 1/8” of clearance. I simply gave Schweiss Doors the dimensions.”

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