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Why customers buy Schweiss Doors

Schweiss bifold doors are ideal for commercial and industrial uses.

Large bifold liftstrap doors are ideal for commercial and industrial use. They are equally popular for agriculture, hangars, residential and designer doors. There are many cladding and window options available. Remote openers are very popular.

Anyone can tell you what you want to hear about their product and how good it is. But when it comes to investing in a hydraulic or bifold door, whether it be for everyday agricultural, hangar or industrial use or even for something as decorative and functional as a designer door for your residence or commercial building, you don’t want to try to save a few dollars from a manufacturer that tries to sell price over quality. What’s different about Schweiss doors is we stand out with quality and premier components that go into each and every door that leaves our factory.

Schweiss understands Hydraulic and Bifold doors, we’ve put a lot of energy, research and development costs into making us the most recommended door company on the market. Every one of our doors is built by experienced craftsmen to project specifications. Like anything, experience is the best teacher, and Schweiss Doors has proven that over the three decades we have been in business making us the industry leader for hydraulic and bifold doors. While other companies are just learning or going out of business, Schweiss has been in it for the long run.

Schweiss Doors has continually made improvements to its hydraulic and bifold doors and components in order to deliver the best door at the best price. Our internationally recognized computer software and experience keeps us on top of the game.

Schweiss Door customers have told us again and again they love both styles of our doors, both for aesthetic appearance and superior smooth running and energy efficient craftsmanship. People are liking our one-piece hydraulic doors even more now because of the improvements we’ve made with our new compact place-anywhere hydraulic pump, and the addition of “spherical” bearings, larger cylinders and a beefed up hinge system that contains removeable hinge pins. Customers like hydraulic doors because they can see right away why they are superior. They’re powerful hydraulic doors with fewer moving parts, requiring less headroom, easy to insulate, easy to maintain, and they’re easy to install and save on building costs. Our door warranty has no hidden exclusion and no surprises.

Patented bifold liftstraps and autolatches are available only from Schweiss Doors

The patented Schweiss liftstraps and autolatches account for thousands of bifold door sales. They open your doors faster, quieter and are safer than cable doors. The low maintenance liftstraps are guaranteed for 10 years.

The same goes for our bifold liftstrap/autolatch doors. Schweiss Doors saw the need for a better bifold door, and incorporating our patented liftstraps and autolatches was definitely the answer. Nearly 95 percent of our bifold door orders are now for liftstraps because they are stronger, faster, safer, quieter and low maintenance doors.

Schweiss has dominated the large door market. Because farm equipment keeps getting bigger and bigger, Schweiss Doors has found a comfortable niche with farmers building new machine sheds for their larger equipment. The same large doors we sell to farmers also go to airports and the private aviation sector. Large commercial and industrial door sales have also skyrocketed.

Our sales have continued to grow because of the quality and ease of use of our door and we have the most popular, powerful hydraulic and bifold doors on the market. Our unequaled reputation for quality and service is a result of focusing personal attention to each and every customer.

Schweiss hydraulic doors are better built with strong cylinders and powerful pump

Stronger cylinders, beefed up hinges, spherical bearings and a compact all in one unit pump are top features for Schweiss hydraulic one-piece doors. Customers also like the hydraulic door because it offers a canopy for shade.

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