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Schweiss Doors has long been the farmers’ friend

Farmers and ranchers rely on Schweiss doors for machine sheds to store large machinery.

Big Schweiss Bifold Liftstrap & Autolatch doors are ideal for farm and ranch operations. They open fast and seal weathertight.

For more than 35 years Schweiss Doors has been at the forefront of providing custom-made Hydraulic and Bifold doors for agricultural and other uses throughout Canada, the United States and countries abroad. Farmers and ranchers have found that the dependability and superb craftsmanship that goes into both these styles of doors and their components has answered their every need.
Take for instance, the Schweiss hydraulic lift one-piece doors. If you need a sturdy, quick-opening hydraulic door with large cylinders and power with no loss of headroom inside your building, this door fits the bill. Schweiss hydraulic doors are pre-built with a special bottom truss that provides added strength, very important in high-wind conditions. The doors are extremely weathertight because they are opened and closed with heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders.
Big doors are a large moving end or sidewall. Two powerful cylinders carry the entire weight of the door. Schweiss cylinders won’t bend, break or bow like other poorly designed cylinders on the market.
Another important feature that you won’t find on other manufacturers doors is the recent introduction of spherical bearings. These bearing are located between the teardrop area and cylinder plate at each end of the doors’ cylinders, a perfect answer to a safer, stronger and longer-lasting door.
Farmers often ask,   “When a door is hanging straight out, doesn’t it put a lot of stress on the building?” Unlike other doors on the market, Schweiss hydraulic Red Power doors are self-contained on their own subframe. Designed to adapt to any type of building, each door comes delivered pre-hung with its own frame and are pre-assembled, pre-welded so your building doesn’t need to be made taller. Our larger subframe is built like a German tank and will withstand windloads like no others. Schweiss uses all steel members and more steel cross members, giving support where it is needed. It also gives more room for insulation. Schweiss will never use C-channels or Tec screws to support a 1,000 lb. – plus door.
Added-strength hydraulic and bifold doorframe’s also have double end-hinges and more heavy-duty hinges per door, which means they don’t have to support as much weight. Heavy-duty hinges prevent thermal expansion in the cylinders and release excess pressure and oil back into the tank.
The Schweiss hydraulic pump system is the most efficient pump on the market. It uses a fast and quiet, fan-cooled LEESON 1,800 rpm motor available in 2 h.p to 10 h.p., depending on the size and weight of your door. Others use odd shaft sizes which makes it hard to find replacements and their motors run at 3,400 rpms, giving off high squealing noises that are very annoying. Underpowered motors can get hot and burn out. Our pump unit gives you faster door speed when opening and closing, cycle time is approximately 30 seconds. You don’t want a slow door that lets the heat out of your building in the winter. The pump unit is a all-in-one contained unit and can be top or underhung and mounted on your building wall, floor, under a bench or in a back room.
In case of a power outage, Schweiss Doors includes a standard hydraulic backup system and offers additional backup systems to safely open your door.
Installing a Schweiss hydraulic door is a piece of cake. With easy-to-follow factory instructions you can usually have your door operating in less than a day.

Big hydraulic one piece doors are used by farmers with large tractors and machinery. The Schweiss hydraulic doors have strong cylinders and a compact pump unit.

Machine sheds with large hydraulic one-piece doors allow farmers and ranchers to bring in and take out their big tractors and combines with little effort. Hydraulic one-piece Schweiss doors have strong cylinders with spherical bearings, beefed up hinges and a compact hydraulic pump unit that can be mounted anywhere inside a building. A push of a button opens the door quickly.

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