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New Schweiss liftstrap conversion kit available to retrofit your cable doors

Schweiss lift straps on bifold door

Patented Schweiss liftstraps and automatic latching systems have revolutionized the bifold door industry. They are safer, quieter and open doors faster than cables. Liftstraps carry a 10-year guarantee and never rust, overwrap, fray or tangle.

Schweiss Doors revolutionized the bifold door with faster, safer, quieter, longer lasting liftstraps and autolatches. No matter who made your door, if you currently have cables on your bifold doors, Schweiss Doors now has an easy to install liftstrap retrofit conversion kit available to upgrade your existing door.

Schweiss designed and patented custom-made polyester lift straps provide a new and much safer alternative to steel cables. No more cables or pulleys to adjust. Liftstraps offer more lifting ability and will vastly outlast cables. The strength-to-weight ratio on our 3-inch straps are rated at 29,000 lbs. tensile strength, compared to a 1/4 inch cable which only gives you a 7,200 lb. rating.

Schweiss Latch strap on a bifold door

The Schweiss patented liftstrap autolatch system provides a weathertight door seal. With a remote opener, it conveniently allows you to open or close your door without leaving your vehicle or aircraft.

The lift straps wrap around the lift drum as the door opens, increasing the size of the drum. The larger the drum’s circumference, the faster the door opens. It’s ideal: the door opens slowly at first and quickly picks up speed. Schweiss liftstraps, never rust, never tangle or overwrap and are warrantied for 10 years. They’re also available with autolatches and remotes.

“I would never have cables,”says a Schweiss customer. “Straps are the only way to fly — no noise, no creeps, no crunches. I’ve had them for 10 years and my straps don’t look any different than the day they were put in.”

For more information on Schweiss bifold and hydraulic doors, visit or give us a call at 800-746-8273.

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