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Schweiss Door roots began its 35-year run in 1980

It’s been a long and winding road since the inception of Schweiss Doors dating back to 1980. But during that span of 35-plus years many doors “literally” have opened for what was at first a fledgling company. Through hard work and a fervent determination to always produce a better bifold or hydraulic door than anyone else in the manufacturing business, Schweiss Doors has surpassed what used to be the cream of the crop and now sits atop the throne as the most successful door manufacturer in the world.

Owner Mike Schweiss relates how he got started in the door business, “It was 1980. I was at a wedding dance. A friend commented, ‘Mike, you build lots of different things. Why not a door that folds up?’”

Ironically, that very person died of a heart attack that same evening. But his idea didn’t! At that time, Schweiss and his three employees were manufacturing things like farrowing crates for sows, snowblowers, farm trailers, tile plows and can you imagine, something called the Schweiss Chicken Plucker!

He chuckles, “It was the Chicken Plucker that gave us name recognition, and in fact got us going financially.” His first Bifold door measured 12 x 12 ft., and was installed on a Renville County Highway shed, 10 miles from Mike’s country factory location between Fairfax and Hector, Minnesota. The door is still in operation even though Schweiss admits, “We made it wrong every which way.”

Success comes from more than one good man at the helm

A successful company is only as good as its employees. Mike Schweiss realized early on that to be the best you have to hire the best. Schweiss Computer Programmers and Inventory and Quality Control Managers developed a unique computer program that details steel components, hinges, nuts, bolts and total hardware of each door.

Three signature door styles lead the way

Bifold Doors

Today, Schweiss Doors manufactures three great styles of doors. Schweiss Doors revolutionized Bifold Doors with the introduction of the famous Lift Straps & Autolatches. The Schweiss Patented Liftstrap system utilizes very strong polyester material, which quietly wraps on a drum giving the door faster lift. Liftstraps are rust-free, durable and longer lasting than steel cables. Strap doors now outsell cable doors hands down. In the early years, bifold doors all came standard with cables to raise and lower the door, but thanks to Schweiss Doors foresight, they are now 100 times better!

Hydraulic Doors

Today Schweiss Doors is a leader in the one-piece hydraulic door design. One-piece doors have less components and require less headroom. They are a style of their own, and our customers are loving it. By reaching up and above the norm, we build them with better, bigger cylinders, spherical bearings, beefed up hinges and a powerful hydraulic pump system known as Red Power Hydraulics, and it’s a door that’s easy to install.

Designer Doors

During the years of manufacturing doors of all sizes and shapes, requests kept coming in from customers who were impressed with the Schweiss door product line. Having their own brainstorm, they wanted Schweiss Doors to help them with their own personal door project to specifically fit their application. Schweiss listened and answered the challenge to design or make alterations to their door.  Bingo! That’s when the fun began to spread. We hit a few homeruns and saw the need and requests for unique custom-made doors. That’s how our “Designer Doors” got their name.

When customers request something we look forward to taking on the challenge of satisfying them. We have completed and installed many beautiful and elegant, off-the-wall designer doors resulting in making many end-users very happy. We delivered them a real factory showpiece they are proud to show off.

Schweiss office personnel have stepped up just to handle the designer door requests and love working on these one-of-a-kind custom doors. Many hours of design and engineering goes into these special doors. Schweiss Doors has a hard time saying “No.” It’s really rewarding to be able to participate in someone’s dreams and Schweiss provides years of door knowledge to enhance each and every designer door — it’s more than a door, it’s a piece of art. Adding beauty to a structure is what Schweiss Doors does with each and every style door we manufacture.

Sales / Marketing

Our sales staff is able to present a computerized quote to a client in a matter of minutes. Talented draftsmen work hand-in-hand with architects, engineers and building contractors. Factory personnel have the latest high-tech tools and production equipment to produce the perfect door each and every time. All this leads to a well-oiled company machine.

Product promotion is important for us. We attend trade shows and advertise throughout the country in trade magazines. The Internet has vastly broadened our sales territory and resulted in more worldwide sales. Schweiss has sold and delivered doors on every continent from South America to Europe and beyond, and just recently expanded to a branch location in the United Kingdom.

We appreciate the fact that the majority of our sales leads are driven from satisfied door customers and return business. Word-of-mouth advertising has more impact than any boughten ad. Like most successful businesses, we have been happy to share our success by giving back to our loyal customers and communities by sponsoring many events and causes too numerous to mention.

Schweiss Doors “Brand Name”

Schweiss Doors ‘brand name” stands out in the industry, just like the Gillette Razor’s gained name recognition. By manufacturing superior Hydraulic and Bifold doors nationwide for as many years as we have, when you hear the name “Schweiss,” customers automatically associate the Schweiss name with “Quality!” Schweiss Doors has always worked hard to establish customer trust and credibility, first and foremost by manufacturing a quality product.

The future of Schweiss Doors is getting brighter each and every day. Today business is brisk, with national and international door orders topping sales goals each and every year.

Schweiss Doors

Schweiss Doors popularity and demand over the years have gained them the reputation of being “brand name” doors that customers can depend on. Both the hydraulic one-piece doors and patented Bifold liftstrap / autolatch doors are easy to install, or qualified Schweiss Door installers in all 50 states can come to your site to do it for you.


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