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Multifunctioning Hydraulic and Bifold designer doors open up for first class service at Restaurants and Hotels

Schweiss restaurant and hotel doors

When the Sway Thai glass restaurant door in Texas is in the up position it’s barely noticeable but as an added benefit it works as a canopy door for Sway patrons and opens up a whole new area for clientele to dine outdoors.

From China to Las Vegas, London and beyond, Schweiss hydraulic and bifold liftstrap restaurant and hotel designer doors have become the rage, adding a touch of class and additional function to new and revamped dining establishments to draw in more customers.

In many of these food, drink and dining establishments the Schweiss bifold and hydraulic one-piece restaurant doors quite often fall under the category of Schweiss designer doors because of their eye-appealing looks. Not only do their offer a convenience to the customer, but they also make it advantageous for the dining staff workers and chefs. Most importantly, they tend to draw in more business than they ever had before. Such is the case with these restaurant and dining establishment doors. They add sparkle and a drawing point for customers to gather around and enjoy their days or evenings out on the town.

Restaurant doors come in many designer door styles and elegant looks. Many are elaborate and decorative glass and window-front doors that blend into the building allowing customers to see in and outside of the restaurant and also let possible customers walking by outside to see in. Some hotel and restaurant doors open up as a courtyard or pavilion doors to instantly increase the size and seating capacity, others work as secondary service and overflow doors when things get overcrowded in the restaurant or to allow patrons to dine outside on a nice day or just to allow a cool breeze to come into the establishment.

A one-piece hydraulic restaurant door, when open, becomes an instant awning or canopy door. The bifold liftstrap, autolatch door also does the same thing on a smaller scale. When these restaurant and dining doors are closed for the day, they lock weathertight providing security to the building contents just like another wall. So not only are Schweiss restaurant doors a beautiful addition to a restaurant, but they also are multifunctioning restaurant doors.


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