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We are looking for a designer overhead door -bifold door for our indoor outdoor stage at our restaurant in Challis ID The dimensions are 18 foot wide by 10 foot high. We really like the ruster corrugated tin ones that we saw on your website. Thanks M


Hello, we are building a music venue in Bangor Maine and have an urgent need for 23 hydraulic doors, which will be a mix of single swing and hydraulic. Some of these will be large concert and stage doors. I can forward a schedule to give you more information. Thank you!


we are building storage modules for rental bikes from 20' shipping containers. we need one side to open with a bifold or hydraulic door on a container and the standard end doors replaced with a man door for security. The door can either open up or down (an awning or a deck) we are trying to get general pricing for such a conversion. Thanks Mike


Looking at possible use for sound stages. 14'x 14', verticle concert state bifold, insulated with STC rating, no doors and no windows. We will need 6 to 12. Please advise, Thanks


Hello We have a concert venue with 3 of your doors on our main stage. We need to remodel the building and make it larger. The door frame would be 74' wide and 46' high, we need full clearance. I saw you can mount the bifold hinge above the frame header, we would structure the end wall beam to match your door support needs. Our current door is in a 69' x 36' tall frame out, but we only have 27' clear in height. New door needs the full clearance. We also would need 2 more new doors 22' wide to fit in 40' high frame, they do not need full height so could hinge at top of 40' frame out. Can you price these out for us using Liftstraps and auto latches and a reliable backup system


Hello, We need to procure a steel door for 20x20 feet concert and stage door wall opening. The door to be installed at the exterior side of wall between I beams. Please provide price and lead time.


Looking for a quote for (5) bi-folding hanger type, full vision concert and stage bifold Liftstrap doors to mount on a pavillion. (2) 10'0"W x 10'0"H (2) 7'6"W x 10'0"H (1) 10'0"W x 5'6"H


Please provide estimates for both a turnkey installation and a user installation kit for a bottom drive bi-fold strap lift concert and stage door with automating latching straps.


My client is looking for a bi-fold option doors to be used as concert stage doors. Wants panels/no glass. Will need to be a bottom mounted motor/operator option. Sizes will be 20'x12' and 11'x12' Can they be installed on an existing concrete/brick building? Thank you


I have a 9 ft wide by 8 ft 3 in high opening in my building I would like a price on a bifold concert and stage door that when opened will supply me with a fairly nice canopy door.


Looking for a quote on the strap-lift bifold open outdoor stage door for a 42' opening with a clearance of 14' when folded. I would need to know the height of the door opening to accommodate that.


Hello: Your recent email regarding the release of your BIFOLD SUPERSTRUCTURE stand-alone door is the reason for my contact. As fate would have it, The City of Cincinnati recently approved our zoning request for Outdoor Entertainment and Recreation, so our non-profit is in the process of getting quotes for our 6,000 square-foot warehouse and courtyard rehabilitation project. We originally planned to add a Schweiss Bifold Liftstrap door in Phase Two of our project, as we have a number of internal components that are still being figured out and we didn't want to do any reengineering, mid-stream. This new door changes that need to wait and let't us start planning our bifold door for our concert and soundstage much earlier in the process. If a loose quote can be provide based on our basic, 29'W x 17'H, dimensions that would be great -- especially if that can happen sooner than later. Also, out of curiosity, has the asymmetrical split door-style you all created for the ICA Water House in Boston been added to your arsenal or was that simply a one-off project? Looking forward, it would be great to discuss timeline and install specifics with a sales rep, so if you could have one email me to schedule a call, that would be greatly appreciated. Due to COVID, my most available talk times are Wednesdays and Fridays, 10AM - 3PM. Thanks in advance, Jonathan Sears Executive Diretor Professional Artistic Research Projects


I would like a rough estimate of cost for your strap lift bifold door for a concert and stage door opening 30'5"x10'11" . Thank you in advance, Dennis


Need a budget cost for a 35' x 20' high electric bifold liftstrap hangar type stage door for a project in detroit michigan. Will be a custom door for a stage Thanks Ken


How would I go about getting a quote for installation of one of your award winning retractable wall concert and stage doors for an existing outdoor stage. Opening is 40 feet wide. Thanks, JRH


I am wondering how much a bi-fold concert and stage door is for a 10' height and 14' wide opening would be. I am free to chat anytime, call me or email me. Thanks, Aster


Interested in a bi-fold concert/stage door with liftstraps and photo eye sensors anywhere from 16'-18' wide


Please price 1 Bifold Concert and Stage swing door 8'Hx12'W, I Hydro swing door8'Hx8'W, Both doors will be glass clad, so any info I need for that too. Prefer 2 large glass paines in each door 4 would be acceptable. This would be delivered and installed in Huntersville NC. New construction.


Need a Quote on 3 glass concert and stage designer doors #1 opening 10' 1/2" x 10' #2 opening 10' x 12' 3/4" #3 opening 10' 1/2" x 10'


We are in the process of renovating an old car garage into a music/events space and wanted to get a quote on getting three bi- fold stage doors made. Also is it possible to have the exterior made out of corten? Right - W 120 1/2" x H 120" Middle - W 120" x H 144 3/4" Left - W 120 1/2 x H 120"


I want a bi-fold concert and stage door for my entertainment club . 16 ft w x 8 ft h. Modern design garage style stage door . Simple and beautiful


If you could give me a quote for a height of 28 foot opening and a 16 foot openings on your bifold concert and stage doors? Still in the design process


Hi, we are considering specifying your bifold door for a commercial concert and stage door application and have several questions: 1)Do all sizes use the same components, or would they be lighter-duty for smaller uses? 2)What is the clear height opening value which can be attained from a given overall bifold liftstrap door height? Say, 10-feet finish floor to top of hinge. Does the bottom-drive offer less clear height? 3)With the horizontal top drive option, may the drive equipment be installed on a ceiling which is flush with the top of the door? 4)May the door be operated remotely from a vehicle, like standard garage doors, without any manual interaction 5)May the bifold doors be weatherstripped and insulated to protect conditioned spaces within the stage building thermal envelope? 6)Can we get some literature or technical drawings for the door? The details are great on the website, just looking for more specific info to plan with. Available to contact via email only at this time. Thank you -Steve


Good afternoon. I'm working with a customer who is interested in replacing their existing concert and stage door. Existing opening is 112' x 20'- if you have a bifold stage door that large, I'd be interested, but we also discussed the idea of closing in the area to accommodate a slightly smaller door. If someone can call me, we can discuss options. Thanks in advance for your help! Job is in Daytona Beach area, so will require wind loading as well.


We have a customer looking for (3) bifold glass  doors to enclose a concert and stage door  entertaining space. This would be residential. Do you do residential bifold stage doors? How do we go about getting pricing. It would be (1) 7' x 7' and (2) 6' x 7' doors.


Interested in budgetary quote for a 14'x28' glass bifold concert and stage door with lift strap. This will function as the western end wall of a 32'x28' four seasons room.


Hi I am an architect with the need for a custom concert and stage bifold door and opening system. I will email details to schweiss@SchweissDoors.com I look forward to hearing from you. Greg


Hello, we are doing a remodel/ addition to the Franklin County Fairgrounds and they have a larger overhead garage door that needs replacing. This area is also used as a wedding venue where we are requiring a stage door. Is there are door 18'W x 14'H that can look nice from the inside as well. We are looking at the bi-bold style door and like the carriage door look. Thank you, Sonya


Would like to price 14 wide by 14 high insulated bifold concert and stage doors. This building is in Lake Havasu City AZ.


I am looking for two bifold concert and stage doors that can give me 34 foot of clearance up and 20 foot wide. I would like to put install them on a new construction performance stage that is 80'W x 100'L x 40' Tall eve walls. Can you please let me know the price and availability for these. Thank you for your time.


WE would like to specify your product for a project in Athens, Ga. It is an entertainment type stage and concert door project requiring either an enclosed or open format . If your product can span our openings it will provide the openings needed. Look forward to hearing from you.


Hi, I am working on a budgetary estimate for a Convention Center in New york and drawings call out and specified for Schweiss Bifold stage door for concerts. Could you please provide budgetary cost for this.


Bidding on a 20x16 clear bifold stage door going to 12143 zip NY. I need price and loading data to give to the pre-eng MB supplier. I am a Star Building Systems dealer


This Concert & Stage Door shall be insulated, R min = 10, preferably R=20. Also, it shall have a manual override in case of a power failure. The performing arts center door is in Vermont. The bifold stage door clear opening is 12'Wx14'H.We need a single door in lower panel for daily entry.


Good Morning, Looking for a bi-fold stage and concert door for a 48'x72' auditorium we are building with 14' tall wall height. The most basic auditorium stage door design possible, will only open a handful of times a year. Bifold concert door should be about 28' wide.  Email is the only way to reach me.


Just trying to get a sense for price range. Building specialty outbuilding mainly for entertaining. Also building a lake house next year and would want to do a large bifold wall door instead of a NANO wall. Use hydraulic and strap priced concert and stage door for outbuilding...say 12ft wide, and need 9ft clearance when up. One piece door for now. Use 20ft wide and 12ft high clearance when up door for lake house lake views. Guessing this one would look best hydraulic. Will want black lift straps in my living room. Also need to be able to do automatic bifold or hydraulic door screen roller that comes down in track for lake house so maybe you have some suggestions for that based on past clients. Thank you, Tim


Are your Schweiss concert and stage doors suitable for a residential house with a 25'x14' opening. UL-325 is the issue at hand. Thanks.


I'd like a quote for a 34' wide by 18' tall Schweiss bi-fold concert and stage door. Please include pricing for options and installation if offered. We would like to include windows on the top half of the stage door. This will be a liftstrap door with manual latch system.


Hello, I am an architect and have two projects that we are considering using your bi-fold doors. The first is a commercial concert and stage door project where we are considering an insulated glass door with an opening size of 12ft tall by 24'-4" wide. Or, if this is too large, we could break it down into two doors of 12ft tall by 11'-8" wide. The second is my personal residence. I would like pricing for two options: 10'tall by 20ft wide and a 9ft tall by 18ft wide. Solid Flat/flush panel insulated door. I'm unclear as to whether they are end wall or side wall conditions. I can provide drawings as needed for clarification.


I am looking in to folding stage and concert doors for our production facility. It is an existing building that had doors sliding inside. We removed these doors to have more interior space. I am interested in your bifold liftstrap and auto latching product.


Dear Schweiss, I am interested in horizontal bi fold stage and concert doors like this one on the link . Dimensions are: 240 cm height and 300 cm width. What is the minimum height required for that type of mechanism? What is the price of a bifold concert and stage door? Waiting for your response! Thank you and kind regards! Dina Abis consulting, Croatia


Hi, we are working on a project in DC area, where we need your help on a quote for one-piece hydraulic door or bifold concert and stage door -50' w x 10' h in an auditorium. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience so that I can send over more information. Thank you.


The project I am working on is for a private high school located in Massachusetts. My firm is renovating one of their wings to be used as flexible studio space that will need concert and stage doors. We have 2 studios, the maker space studio and art studio, located on the ground floor that we would like to open to the exterior. We are looking at the bifold stage door for 3 openings, 1 is at 12 ft H & the other 2 are 8 ft. H. Any product or spec information or shop drawings you have would be helpful as we continue developing our design.


Currently designing a high school with 3 bifold  gym and concert and stage doors. Would appreciate assistance with design and details and specifications for bid documents. Thanks!


I am the project manager for a local nonprofit in Smyrna, Tennessee and I came across your site while looking for ideas for a small outdoor performance stage made from storage containers. I am also working on the technical design for AV for the building. I'd like to get an idea of price (budgetary numbers) for your concert and stage door system that is fixed on-site. I'd like to have the stage door  swing open up vertically to form an awning/stage cover and the bottom box open outwards in a French-door style. The opening would be about 28 ft. 


I need 3 vertical bi-folding concert and stage doors 16ft in height and varying widths. smallest is 26ft largest is 31ft


Looking for two exterior insulated bifold glass concert and stage doors product. I couldn't tell from your website if your glass stage door products are insulated. Could you confirm? Thank you, Steve


Hi, We are interested in at least two bifold stage and concert doors. We have a good fabricator in house, so we think that the DIY hydraulic door would be fine for us. We have two openings; RO #1 27'-3" w x 14'-0" tall RO #2 21'-6"w x 12'-0" tall We are needing some initial budget number to see if this stage door  option will be viable for us. Thank you very much in advance for getting back to me. Todd


Please send contact email so that I can send plans over with dimensions on 8 schweiss strap bi fold stage and concert doors on our Waterfront Pavilion project in Tampa, Fl.


We are looking for the price of the (2)Bi-folding counter concert and stage bifold doors 17'Wx8'H, 208v electric strap-operated, upward opening, folding wall/door. Motor & devices door mounted. Steel frame & devices are by Manufacturer. Color Teal, Duragard Plus finish. The Project is Canalside Pavilion, Buffalo, NY. We need price by Mid-next Week. Thank you


I am working on an entertainment venue and need to get a feel for the pricing of your Schweiss concert and stage doors which might be in line with what we are doing. Currently I am looking at the following hydraulic doors: 1 @ 60'w x 18'-20' tall, which will have glass and potentially wood or whatever the final skin material is. 2 @ 20'w x 12'-15' tall, again with glass and matching skin design. On your "pictures" page, the SWAY restaurant is somewhat similar to our concepts. Please send me an email, etc when you have time. thanks Jeff Wasserman


I have an event center for weddings, and currently have open sides on 2 walls where I would like to place a stage door that opens to a walkway for dress models. I need quotes for both horizontal and bi-fold doors First opening is 20'10" wide x 12' 07" tall Second opening is 20' wide x 10'06" tall See below for additional info


Please quote a 40'x18' Clear Bifold Concert and Stage Door installed on sidewall of a new Butler/Sukup Building. Include electric photo eye, door base safety edge and top/bottom/side seals Please email design specifications so we can send to Butler/Sukup. We will provide Butler/Sukup sheathing and trim. Thank you.


Looking for pricing for 2-33 sidewall bifold and 1 end wall bifold for concert and stage doors structure 70 * 30


I would like a bifold concert and stage door with all glass panels, I can send you a print of the door I am looking for but please give me an estimate on a glass bifold liftstrap door with everything needed to install and control it. thank you. Jeff


Hello, My name is Felicia Chavez and I am a commerical interior designer with Canary|Gould Evans. I'm working on a theater project where we are interested in using a swing concert and stage door to close off transaction counter bays. I'd appreciate if your local rep would contact me to further discuss. 


Need a price on a strap lift bi-fold concert and stage  door 45' x 18' tall ASAP Will be placed in Steel Building


Hi, I was interested in getting a quote for a pair of bifold door frames for your bifold concert and stage doors. I want the recessed/flush application. Top drive, with straps. Each opening is 91 inches wide and 83 inches high. Thank you!


We are looking at a glass concert and stage bifold doors, approximately (2) that are 10'x10' tall and curious what these doors cost


Hello! 1)We would like to buy an ACOUSTIC bifold concert door STC 60 Dimensions are: 142 inches x 142 inches. We would like to know the models you have because we need to save space and have a great acoustic. The system now is using all roof space. We are going to do an audio and video studio and we need a correct door. 2)We also have 14 doors for recording studios. We also need a STC 60 . Could you send us a quote? Measures: 84 inches x 39inches the door only. Kind regards Daniella Piquet 


I am looking for a quote on bi-fold stage and concert  doors at a cabaret in Los Angeles. Please contact me anytime.


looking for a bi-fold or pivot door for a stage. This will be an inside outside overhead style stage and concert door that would need to match a clear anodized storefront. this door will only need to fit a 19' wide by 15' tall space. I need to see if you can give me an estimated cost of this. i can send a picture of what we want if necessary. Thanks, Craig 


We are looking to replace existing roll ups with bifold stage and concert doors. What information do you need to provide an estimate?


We are looking to specify a bi-fold door for a school we are working on in Philadelphia. We are designing a double-sided stage. The back of the stage opens up onto the school playground, the installation of a bi-fold stage and concert door at the back wall of the stage will provide the opportunity for the stage to be used for outdoor performances. That being said, we are interested in a solution that provides a large opening without any obstructions. What is the maximum height and width of your bi-fold stage door systems? Is there an aspect ratio or height/width thresholds that drive cost? We would prefer some visual transparency --what are the cost drivers for glass panels as opposed to solid panels? We are hoping to present some options to our client by early next week, any feedback you have before then would be helpful. 


Hello. I am replacing an old stage door for a customer in Carlsbad, California who wants a price on your Schweiss bifold concert and stage doors. The current door is very rusted on the lower truss area. We would like a quote for a new strap bifold stage and concert door to go in its place. Thank you and feel free to call anytime! Jeff Davis


Hello, I am a design architect from Boston Gensler office and currently looking for several design options with Hydraulic or Bifold stage and concert doors for a pavilion piece of one of our project. I wonder that if you can send some information about your stage door products especially about insulation rate. If you can send me some specs of your products that'd be great as well. if you need any further information please contact me Thank you


I am working on 2 bifold concert and stage doors that have been completely unwired by the previous owner. They are a model M2, installed approximately August of 1991. If you could email me a copy of the complete wiring schematic I would appreciate it. Thank you.


Hello, My name is Mrs. Ekaterina Stoupeneva, And I represent the construction company from Russia . We are looking for partners who could develop and produce a horizontal bi-fold window system that will require concert and stage doors for one of our projects. This system is very similar to the folding facade shown in the stage door photo on your website, so we would like to address to you the proposal on cooperation. We need 2 types of windows: 1. WxH: 4,00x3,90 m - 2 pieces; 2. WxH: 5,00x3,90 m - 2 pieces. We are looking forward information from you because the timing of this project is limited. Best regards,%u2028 Ekaterina Stoupeneva, Chief Research & Development Officer  


Hi there, I'm building a small musical artist studio-an engineered steel building-and was planning on installing two glass panel stage and concert doors. I found some pictures of your concert bi-fold doors and I'm curious if they would be a better fit for the project. Do you make doors as small as, say 12' wide by 8' tall? Thanks, Will


Looking for information on the bifold door hardware for service of a single panel 8'x7' concert and stage door - solid wood.


Hello, I have two of your concert and stage bifold doors. I'm interested in adding remote openers for the stage doors. Are these special order? Thank you Charlie


Building a new structure / addition to my home for my recording studio. I want to build something with a large door similar to your concert and stage doors that is disguised a bit because it is on the front of my studio in a neighborhood. We are in the design process now; so, hoping to come up with a solution. The face of the building will be 25' - and it will need either one huge wide recording studio door with an inset walk-through door; or, a smaller 14'Hx10'W door and a separate walk-through door. Just wondering how these things are priced. Thank you kindly.


I am looking for some general information on glass one-piece bifold stage and concert doors for an event barn. I saw you had a similar garage door that was 30x14. Could you tell me the estimated costs for this type of stage and concert door and how long it takes to recieve and install? Thanks so much for your kind help! Candice


I am looking for a 40x14 insulated bifold stage and concert door for an interior and exterior application. It will be the door that divides the building. One side is a cooler therefore it needs to be insulated. It needs to be motorized and will be going into a concert style building, steel jambs