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Hello Do have a dealer in Calgary Alberta? I have installed a few of your hydraulic doors. Regards Aaron


Hi there, We are designing a modern detached house in Sarnia ON, and we'd like to have the double car hydraulic garage door to disappear on the main tiled facade. Seeing all the cool stuff Schweiss has done re garage doors, we thought you would be able to help us. The door dimensions (to be confirmed) is 20'x8', and the tile is porcelain 2'x4' 3/8" thick. Is this something you would be interested in? Any ideas? Thank you, Caroline


I would like more information about your one-piece hydraulic door systems for a retail store renovation I am involved with. Please provide details on pricing, design specifications, lead time for production and delivery to Calgary, AB Canada. Thank you, Johnathan


Hi, We are General Contractor in Calgary AB Canada, and we are bidding a project that utilize one piece Hydraulic Doors, not sure you have known this project and can provide a quote to me for this project? Thanks, Victor


Hi I saw your ad in "The Book". I was wondering if you had a dealer/installer in southern Alberta. I see a lot of your Schweiss hydraulic and bifold doors from one end of Canada to the other. I'm interested in purchasing a hydraulic ag door.


Hi, I'm just curious on what your currently lead time would be for 3 10'x10' hydraulic doors delivered to Winnipeg, Canada. Thanks


We are building a 'near' Passive house in Toronto, Canada and need a low U value hydraulic one piece garage door. Door itself is approx 16'x8'. Do you have a dealer network that operates in the Toronto market. We can forward pdf if interested. The house itself is ICF (insulated concrete form) construction. Thanks


Can you provide a quote for a 42 feet wide by 10 foot high hydraulic windloaded door delivered to the Vancouver Canada area? Thanks


Mechanical Installations Ltd is inviting you to bid on the following project that is out for tender: WATERFRONT TORONTO STORM WATER FACILITY PROJECT. We request; 1) Lead letters at least 1 day prior to closing itemizing the complete scope of your hydraulic door bid. Note there is a supplementary specification located within the contract specification. This specification should be used in conjunction with the contract drawings where noted. Please indicate by return email if Schweiss Doors will be providing quotes for the above noted project. If you require any more information please contact Tim.


Hi, I am looking for a quote for a hydro-powered  door system (nano wall) in the Downtown Toronto, Canada area. The dimensions are 66m x 4.5m high = 297m2. If you send me an email address I can send you a more detailed specification.


I'd appreciate a quote for bi-fold liftstrap doors and hydraulic doors in the following sizes: 12' high x 40' wide (end wall) 16' high x 40' wide (side wall) 16' high x 54' wide (end wall) 17' 6" high x 60' wide (end wall). Shipping to Yukon Territories  Remaining information provided below. Thanks!!


Price a one piece 48x24 hydraulic and bifold liftstrap aviation door, including shipping to Canada. I will need the door by May 2014. Include walk door, remote door opener, required framing, slab, and footings specs. Bifold door price to include door liftstraps. Both style doors windrated, with windows and insulated.


I want to know de price for de red pump power hydraulic systeme. For de door 40 feet by 18  feet. Price for seaplane hangar door delivery Quebec.


We had your Schweiss Door company quote a 30 foot wide by 14 ft tall hydraulic quonset farm door building back in October of last year. Owner wants us to order this door so we need an updated door quote and delivery date to Canada.


We are a General Contractor located in Calgary, Alberta Canada and are completing pre construction services for three new restaurant doors in Edmonton Alberta. These Schweiss hydraulic one piece doors, two at each site, will need stainless steel inner door skins. 1. Do you have a preferred installer in Western Canada? 2. Are your insulated  doors fabricated to withstand Canadian winters? What is the R-Value of these doors. Estimated Schweiss door delivery time?


The one piece doors are for a project we are working on here in Montreal. It`s a photo studio door project and the hydraulic cylinder designer style Schweiss doors will open from the studios from an exterior terrace door.


Looking for a price on 40' x 17'-6" custom made hydraulic metal building door for Canada. Could you also quote this as an aluminum frame door. Wondering if the lighter door frame will save me door shipping costs. 


Need a hydraulic or bifold ranch door 20 h x 40 w for a fabric building. The dimensions of building are 72w x 120L. I'll send you the end wall grid to see the building frame and compare to door size. Tell me if I need a freestanding door header. Building is located in western Alberta, Canada.


Building not yet built can be adjusted for door  installation. I ordered a bifold hangar door from you 20 years ago for our hanger in Alberta. We're  very pleased with the door. Current hangar door project is cost sensitive. The building is 16' high. What is the maximum door opening height with each option, hydraulic and bifold doors? 


I am building a hanger this spring for my Cessna 182. I want to put a 40 ft X 11 ft Schweiss Hydro door on the end wall. Do you ship to Canada


We are looking for a 50X15 Hydraulic door. External mount, looking for prices and about shipping to us here in Canada.


I have a pool cabana im finishing and am looking for a door solution, a ultimate door would be a one piece hydraulic that would open to allow additional sun shade in front of the cabana. the pool cabana is 14x14 ft with a front door opening of approx 8ft wide by 7ft high. please have a sales person call. im in canada


I have a one year old 40x80 post frame building.I left a 32' opening, not knowing what kind of door to put on. Now i saw your hydraulic door add and thought it might be the one. Do you ship to Canada, or have builders here? Please send me more info and a quote when you have time.thanks