Schweiss Bifold Doors
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I'm looking for two residential Schweiss bifold garage doors, approx. 10'W x 8'H, suitable to have T-111 type wood siding on the outside surface. Can you give me some pricing and installer references?


i'm currently sourcing windows and bifold doors for a house remodel. your  Schweiss bi-fold door seems like they'd be a great fit however i'm wondering if the are a bit too beefy or industrial looking for a residential environment. do you scale down your extrusions based on the scale of the door? can you do a bi-fold window? i have two locations where i could possibly use a Schweiss bi-fold door/window: 1) r.o. 13'W x 12'H 2) r.o. 7'6"W x 4'H (window)


I am designing an addition to the house to shelter an Endless-Pool--and want the side wall to open entirely in summer, but closed in winter. Your bifold appeals, but this will be in a side wall and the eave drops down to a level only about 5 inches above bottom of header, so doubt there is space for the "wedge". Thus, it looks like the hydraulic door will be a better solution. Door will be sheathed with same wood-product siding as house, but I will want an openable window in it as well (for light and ventilation when door closed). The opening is only 12' wide, 60 inches high. Can you give me a rough ideas of cost (not a "quote" I'll hold you to).


To whom it may concern, I would like to have a quote for 2 door options, both bi-fold and hydraulic / one piece. The door is for a residential garage, and we intend to clad it with cedar siding. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Hi, I have a 8' x 4' trap door that goes to my basement and as I'm getting older it is becoming difficult to lift it. I was wondering if you have a hydraulic door that would lift up out of the floor. Thanks.


Can we retro fit a Schweiss hydraulic system to utilize your new Red Power pump?


Do you make hydraulic and bi-fold garage doors for residential houses? What kind of price am I looking at on a single garage door? How hard is it for a homeowner to install?


I need a small 1 piece or a fold up door for my pool equipment which is in a recessed enclose. This is to prevent freezing in the winter. Yes it does get cold enough in Texas to freeze pipes. Doug


I am looking for a hydraulic door that can be used as a security door at night and an awning during the day. The current building is a wood framed garage with a 12 foot wide sliding glass door on the end wall. Panel siding (wood) covers the building(no stucco to contend with), 220 volts is available in the building. Panel siding would be used on the hydraulic door to match.


We are looking to use a hydraulic door for a residential apllication and needs to be miami-dade county approved. We need information asap. Thanks.


I would like to investigate having 2 residential bi-folds systems to put on my house so I can have car lift. (2) 8x8 doors. (Standard)Whats involved?


We have a house design that calls for 4 hydraulic sunscreens/doors. The heights are fixed at 9'-1 1/8" with varying widths, the greatest being 25'-8". We are going to detail the door so that the frame is concealed. All are exterior applications.


I'm considering replacing a 16'w x 7'H residential garage door with either bifold or hydraulic door. Also want to know if I can build the door panels myself of FoamKore or similar plywood/foam laminated panels (and would need to know specs such as acceptable weight/sq.ft.). Can you please give me a ballpark idea about pricing.


We are interested in a hydraulic door/wall for our veranda. We could use either a 16' opening wall without man door or a 25' opening wall with man door built in to the wall.


I need 8 of 8'x8' single piece garage doors. Please provide me the details about the function of the doors and their price. They will be residential use and mostly have wood construction underneath. thanks.


I am interested in this one piece Schweiss door for residential scale projects, I would like to veneer the frame with cedar slats or what ever the customer would like. Do you use smaller motors and drums if the weight allows you to? I would like the frame thickness to be 6" if possible. Thank you


Looking for quote (aprox will do) for residential hangar door. Can use either bi-fold or hudraulic one piece. Opening is 40 x 12. I did business with you before in about '03


I am in the beginning stages of designing a 2 bay garage to replace the one car. Space will be tight. Thats why I beleive that the Schweiss bifold door will be perfect for me. Outside DIM 20 feet. Of which I need to bays. One for actual car storage, the other to open to bachelor studio apt with 5-6 feet clearance to outside fence line. Optimally would like to have patio furniture undisturbed by opening. Is that even possible. I want the door to have windows for eastern light. Let me know what you think and costs, of course. Thanks


Residential door connecting interior space to outdoor deck. Divided insulated glass panels are ideal, similar to those shown on the Palm beach resort or the Guthrie center or one of the residences with all glass bifold doors.


Have a residencial remodel. Would like a quote on a Schweiss 8'0"x7'0" Bifold and hydraulic door. Thank you, Darryl


would like to know high, low price range for a 16 ft. wide X 14ft high hydraulic one piece door for RV garage on a new 15,000 sq. ft. home to be built in Punta Gorda, Florida. The Schweiss door I'm getting will have some type of Stucco/Dryvit applied to the exterior header and upper 6ft of the by-fold or hydrolic door and a false garage door applied to the lower portion of the door (8x14 garage door) to match the other 3 automobile garage doors on the front of the house. The house is in the final design process and the door will have to be meet wind load testing for Miami/Dade. The home is in the 130 mph. exposure "C" Zone. Please contact me ASAP please. Thank You. Phone or Email is fine.


This is a residential application with glass panels, similar to the "San Francisco Architects" or "New York Storefront" application in your photo gallery. Please quote a swing door that is 20' x 8'.


Hi, We're planning on building a LEED certified home this winter, and are interested in using one of your doors in place of french doors. We would want one with all glass panels. I read that you've installed bi-fold doors in LEED certified homes before. Can you send me any infomation on that? And/or on how well insulated they are? Lastly, what is the U-factor rating?


Hello We are in the Residential Industrial and commercial door buisiness in Israel for the last 30 years . Currently we are interrested in the operator and complete drive kit for a hydraulic door


Would like to review one piece hydraulic door types and project requirements for a residence on Vancouver Island, B.C. 4 different doors, very different sizes. 3 wood clad, 1 metal clad. Your input greatly appreciated. Looking forward to using your product(s)3 Thanks very much


I am building a garage with an 18' x 7' opening. I would like a quote on a hydraulic door. It is for a residential application and I would like something that somewhat resembles the standard garage door already on the house.


Custom Designer Garage Doors with wood siding has it's own unique pattern & glass windows located in the top portion of garage door to give the home owner natural lighting. interested in 3- 10 x 10 insulated wooden hydraulic doors (no sheet rock) and an estimate.


I have a typical 2 car garage with overhead doors and openers. I would like to gain the space taken up by the overhead tracks and doors. I've considered horizontal sliding barn-like doors. When I contacted one residential door company, their suggestion was roll up doors similar to those used commercially. Would your bifold or hydraulic doors provide a gain in interior space, while providing the convenience of remote door openers? How does the price compare to regular overhead residential doors?


I am evaluating doors for a residential project. Would like to get information on the use of a hydraulic door that is designed to hold glass. The idea is to maximize incoming light and also maximize the outside coverage when the door is up. Would appreciate any feedback, direction you can give me. Regards


We are looking for a residential door that will be placed in one exterior wall of our floating home. It would be 7'tall by 10' wide. We want it to look similar to a glass paneled garage door (maybe three columns and three rows?) but to pivot up (a one-piece hydraulic designer style door). Could you please give us a quote for this? Thank you


We are adding a 12 x 24 foot screened porch and want glass wall hydraulic doors that retract upward with electric openers. We only use this home in the summer so insulation is not important, we just want to keep the weather out. Thanks


Hi - I am interested in all glass residental hydraulic door similar to the ones on your website pictures. Size opening is 33' by 10' please quote me for 1 big door or 2 side by side with motor and all accessories. Thank you


Searching to specify a 10' high x 30' wide designer hydraulic door for a large residence.


Hi, We're interested in using one of your hydraulic doors for a residential project that is under construction now. The opening is 8'x8'. Do you have any CAD drawings of the head, jamb, and sill details? If so, will you please send it to my email: Thank you very much.


I would like to inquire about a hydraulic door for my new garage (residental). The garage door opening is ~40' wide x ~10' tall. My new garage is located in MT but I currently live overseas in Africa. As such, I wish to be contacted by a customer service representative via e-mail. Note that I state below the building is wood but the walls are LOGIX concrete blocks and the header is wood. Thanks


Do you guys do residential? We have two 8x7 (approx) garage doors that we don't want to have open to the inside. Is the hydraulic an option? Need good insulation for Boston area as well. Thanks in advance.


Do you have a hydraulic garage door that would work for a residential garage? It would not need to be opened electronically, as we are using the front of our garage for storage and are building a wall about 3 feet inside the garage door. We don't want a standard door because it would interfere with the wall when it opens up. Please provide a quote for a basic residential hydraulic door that would be 8 by 10 feet.


I would like to use two hydraulic doors for my home garage.