Schweiss Bifold Doors
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Manual Side Latches - (Standard)

Manual Latch for bi-fold door

The manual side latches mounted on each side column secure the door in the closed position.
When latched in place, the door is tight. The side latches are adjustable and easy to install. The
door must be manually unlocked before the door can be opened and manually relocked after the door is in the closed position.

Standard Side Latch (side view)


Bi-Fold Door
U-Hook Welded
At The Factory



Spring Loaded Side Latch

Spring Loaded Side Latch

Spring loaded latch system for bi-fold doors

(Side View)

Single Lever Latching System

Single Lever Latching System (Optional)

Hand crank system for opening manual latches

The Latching system is one lever operated from one end of the bi-fold door,
latching both sides to a fully locked in position. Saves many steps.

Hand Crank